Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quaker State 400 Recap....

Ten things about my first NASCAR race in person....

1. Traffic was insane.  We were 21 miles out on I-71 and were dead stopped.  Took over two hours to get to about 4 miles out, then we finally moved and did some illegal Uies and finally parked in some farm house yard.  Not quite a total of four hours to go about 70 miles.

2.  Loud, but not quite as loud as I thought.

3.  Shit load of people there, over 120 grand.

4.  Super boring race.  Not one wreck involving more than one car.  And I think there was only one spin out.

5.  Lines were awful for the bathrooms and concession stands.

6.  The COLD BEER sign should have been taken down because the beers were certainly not cold.

7.  I will say though that it was exciting at times.  The cars go super fast, it looks cool under the lights.  It wasn't awful by any means, just wasn't full of excitement at all.

8.  One thing I noticed was that we walked for about 45 minutes back to car after the race, and I don't know how many people we walked by, but not one person was talking about the race.  That says it all to me.

9.  Most fun I had is when I saw some loser wearing a Steelers jersey and I yelled, NICE FUCKING STEELERS JERSEY LOSER!!!  People laughed.

10.  I rated my experience about a 6.5 and that's mostly because I had fun hanging out with Lakostik and his step dad, not so much the race.

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