Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quick Weekend Thoughts....

Some thoughts on this week....

1.  Lots of top teams going down in college basketball.  1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 ranked teams all lose, any many more in the rankings also lost.  This might be one of the most unpredictable tourneys ever.  I think those top teams are clearly better than most teams so it's not like its all even.  But those mid tier teams are good enough to beat anyone, so who knows what is going to happen.  I would vote Pitt back into the top spot for this week.  Good chance six teams will get votes to be ranked number 1.  Crazy.

2.  Nice All-Star weekend.  Dunk contest has become a little bit of a joke if you ask me.  I mean, it's fun, but the whole idea where you miss your dunk five times and then do it and still get a 48 is just wrong.  You should get three chances or something like that, it can't go on for a whole two minutes, it totally ruins it.  Blake's car dunk was sweet, dunk wasn't that great but the show was awesome.  Writing this with a little time left, but I'm pretty sure Kobe is going to get his fourth All Star Game MVP. 

3.  Another interesting week in the A-10.  Looks like the four byes are pretty much set.  Doubt anyone will catch Xavier, Temple, Richmond, and Duquesne.  I'm calling a win out for the Flyers.  I think they'll beat Xavier next weekend.  I hope they do, it'll give Temple a chance to tie for the title.  Rhode Island all of a sudden looks good and then loses to UMASS.  God they suck, Rhodey chokes every single year, its hilarious.

4.  The Daytona 500 was today and I'm pretty sure no one really cares.  I try to care, I really do.  It's just impossible, it is so boring and so lame.  I'm done with that "sport", forever.

5.  In the world of Sports Entertainment, an awesome thing happened this week.  The Rock returned to WWE.  Been seven years since he last was a part of it.  He did all his patented catch phrases.  The crowd went insane.  I always said, if I was in the arena when the Rock came back, I'd faint.  Good thing I wasnt there, I think I had to wipe away a tear or two.  That doesn't make me a loser does it?  The best phrase was this....Finally the Rock has come back, to Anaheim, which means, Finally the Rock has come back, to Monday Night Raw, which means, Finally the Rock has come back..........home.

6.  Quick Temple take again.  Awesome win against St. Joes today.  It was a hypothetical funeral.  It was the funeral of the St. Joe's hawk.  The students all dressed in black and had shirts on that read, RIP the Hawk.  They passed a coffin down the rows and tried to give it to the Hawk mascot that doesn't stop waving it's wings.  They had a moment of silence for the students and players of St. Joe's that have gone through their pathetic school.  Michael Eric is done for the year, no center.  Scootie Randall has a broken bone in his foot, should be back, but still.  Had to start a freshman and only played seven people today.  At Duke on Wednesday, it is going to get ugly.  Special recognition to Lavoy Allen.  With 12 rebounds he becomes the all time rebound leader in Temple history.  Congrats.

7.  Quick standings for our pickem game....

Klose 56%
Nagel 55%
Curt 52%
Neil 47%
Fiser 46%
Thobe 44%
Scotty 43%
Jason 39%
Haley 33%

8.  Events coming up that need to be mentioned.

21 days until Selection Sunday.
24 days until Vegas time and March Madness
39 days until Opening Day
41 days until the wedding.
49 days until Masters Sunday

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