Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spreads for the Day

Louisville at Notre Dame (-5)
Notre Dame to cover.  They are playing pretty well, it'll be a close game but the outcome will be more than five.

Dayton at Rhode Island (-2.5)
Rhone Island to cover.  I actually think Dayton might win this game, but the way they play on the road, it would be stupid to put my fake money on Dayton on the road.

Georgetown at Syracuse (-5)
G'town to cover.  Syracuse is bad, I don't like them. 

UNC at Duke (-10)
I'll be rooting for the Heels but there is no way they win.  I'll give them the cover though.


  1. ND,RI, GTwon, UNC

    Freshman PG and our best player(Barnes) is also a frosh, it could be ugly in their first trip to Cameron. If they can weather the storm in the first 10 mins, i think they will make it a game.

  2. Notre Dame, Dayton - Please stop using Dayton. Rhody really knows how to beat this team... OT win by 4. Georgetown and Duke to pull away by 10+ at the end of the game - more depth and experience, but I hope I'm wrong.

  3. Louisville. Dayton. Syracuse. Duke.