Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 2nd....

1.  Super bad losses of the day.  Xavier loses at 1-6 Charlotte.  That's embarrassing.  Road games are tough but cmon.  Michigan State loses by 20 at 8-13 Iowa.  Michigan State is cashed.  They have nine losses now.  They are in serious danger of not even making the tourney this year.  Baylor losing at Oklahoma.  They might be missing the tourney too after being really close to the Final Four last year.  Memphis losing at home to Tulsa.  That puts them firmly on the bubble and probably off of it actually.

2.  Anyone watch Minute to Win It tonight?  Or ever watch it?  The host is sooooo annoying.  They had a family on there and I had to actually pause the show and then fast forward through the parts when he talked about family and stuff like that, it was just awful.  Those shows are so good during the competition, but the other theatrics make me want to throw up.  That's what killed Deal orNo Deal too.

3.  Temple prevails.  Big game on Saturday at home against Rhode Island.  It's Hooters birthday.  Also, Dayton prevails.  Oh how they have fallen.  Home win by two against St. Bonaventure?  Ouch.  Time for Gregory to go.  Too good of a fan base to just accept mediocrity.



  1. The Bulls played the Clippers last night, D Rose had another amazing game, 32 and 11. I have watched almost every game this year, those types of performances are becoming status quo.

    Curt, do you remember asking me two months ago if the Bulls would make the playoffs? 34-14(3rd best record in the NBA, 2nd in the east) with Noah, Boozer, or both missing all but 8 games this year. I am excited to see what a full compliment of players will bring to this squad. Its still early and I don't think they are ready to compete for a championship, but this team is really good and a lot of fun to watch. They play their asses off night in and night out.

    Nothing ground breaking here, but Blake Griffin is an absolute beast. I have only seen him play a handful of times this year, but for a 21 year old rookie, he is a fundamentally sound athletic freak. He is going to be amazing, he works hard and you can tell he hates losing. He single handedly kept them in the game in the first half, without him they lose by 40. If and when he leaves the Clips after losing for 4 years it will set them back another 5 years. Maybe Donald Sterling(only owner in sports worse than Mike Brown) will finally do something right and keep him happy. The Clips have some very good young talent and some decent role players. With Griffin, a new and improved Deandre Jordan, and Chris Kaman(when healthy) they have a pretty good front court. Eric Gordan is solid, but they could use some backcourt help. The first thing they need to do is get a pass first floor general PG, an Andre Miller type. I have never been much of a Baron Davis fan, especially on this team. You don't want a PG who chucks it 15 times a game to average 15 points and plays little to no defense, not with the weapons this team has. The Clippers are one of those teams you just have to root for, especially if you are a fan of Cincinnat or Cleveland, we know what losing every year is like and it sucks. Currently the Cavs are taking the cake, 22 in a row. Whats your take on the situation?

    I love the future of the NBA, some young superstars without the attitude/ego(Griffin, Rose, Durant, Howard, and the great white hope K LOVE). Anyone who doesn't like the NBA because of shitty defense and lack of effort is still living in the early 2000's when Allen Iverson was the face of the league. Things have changed!

    Also Curt, whats the deal with Lakers? They publicly announce the team needs a trade just to shake things up. Heard anything on what they are looking to do?


  2. I don't remember asking you if the Bulls would even make the playoffs, and I'm pretty sure I have a better memory than you. But yes, Blake Griffin is the man. But I kind of see him staying with the Clippers and maybe they'll build a nice team around him.

    The Cavs situation is pretty funny really. They are really bad. They have no stars on their team at all. Every player was made by Lebron, except maybe Jamison but he is getting old. They will probably lose 70.

    Lakers are fine. They just don't care right now. They know they won't catch the Spurs so they are just settling into the 2 seed. Basketball season is too long, this happens.