Sunday, February 6, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 6th......

1.  There is a God.  I hate the Steelers so much, I hate everything about them.  Right now there are only three teams that I would never ever root for under any circumstances.  Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers, and St. Louis Cardinals.  When there is no football next year, just remember who the last team to lose was, the Steelers.  Good game by the Pack.  If the Packers don't drop those balls it's an absolute rout.  Aaron Rodgers is the man and has a heck of a future to look forward to.  And what's up with all the hate about the Black Eyed Peas?  If they weren't as good as you thought they would be, who cares?  I mean really, who cares?  It's a show, for entertainment, if you don't like it then that is fine, but it doesn't make you cool to hate on things.  Some people never cease to amaze me.

2.  Buckeyes remain undefeated.  They again looked unstoppable.  But again, let me say, the competition they are playing in the Big Ten is not exactly good.  Not good at all actually.  Other than Wisconsin, they have no teams ranked and really have no teams that are any kind of threats this year.  Michigan State is an embarrassment, who would have thought? 

3.  Five weeks from today is Selection Sunday, can't wait.


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