Thursday, February 3, 2011

NBA Update

Cliffnotes version.....


1. Celtics.  They have the best record in the league.  They are the best "team" right now.  Clutch players, good bench, good low post players, and they have been there.  They are the team to beat in the East right now.

2.  Bulls.  They are playing really well and getting healthy.  Rose, Boozer, Noah, and Deng are a hell of a core with Korver as the shooter.  Do they have enough bench though?  Do they have enough experience?  I don't see them beating Boston right now.

3.  Heat..  I don't like the Heat at all, but they are pretty dang good.  The more I watch Wade the more I think he is easily a top three player in the league.  Same with them though, are they deep enough, do they play well enough together.  What if one of the stars gets injured or gets in foul trouble?  This won't be their year.

4.  Hawks.  Bunch of individuals and not enough core players.  Some great athletes though.  Crawford and Johnson can score like crazy and Smith and Horford are good power guys.  They could upset someone and get to the East finals, but thats it and that would be kind of a miracle.

5.  Magic.  Top four team for sure.  They are still gelling.  I think they are the deepest team and have the best center in the league.  Redick is a dead eye and Nelson is a good player.  They have shooters everywhere so they can spread teams out.  I see it being them and Boston in the Finals.

6.  New York.  Big fan.  Gallinari is sweet.  Felton is like Nash in that offense, and Stoudemire is a good one on one player.  They are missing some bangers down low and they need to gel.  They could beat Atlanta or Chicago if they draw them in the first round, otherwise they'll be in and then out.

7.  Philadelphia.  Igoudala is super overrated and Brand is so injury prone.  They won't make the playoffs.  Lou Williams is a good young player, they just don't have enough.  They are further off then most of these teams even though they have the seventh best record right now.

8.  Charlotte.  Don't see them making the playoffs either.  Augustin is turning into a stud and Diaw, Wallace, and Jackson are good players, but they just don't have it.

9.  Indiana.  I like this team.  Collison, Granger, Dunleavy, and Hibbert could gel and make this team good.  Hansbrough is a good glue guy too.  This team obviously isn't good but with the East as week as it is, they'll make the playoffs, then get rolled.

10.  Milwaukee.  I like this team to make the playoffs too.  Bogut is a stud.  Salmons and Jennings are scorers.  They'll make a run and get in, then get rolled.

11.  Detroit.  Prince and Hamilton are getting old.  They are turning this team over to Stuckey and Daye.  They have a long way to go. 

12.  New Jersey.  Really bad.  Lopez and Harris are the only real pro players.  They may be able to swing a trade for Melo.  Although I don't think he is that stupid, is he?

13.  Washington.  0-25 on the road???  What?  How is that possible.  I think it would be awesome if they didn't get one road win.  Wall is good, he'll be a star in the league.  And so will Nick Young, that dude can play and he is just getting better.  Blatche is turning into a good big man, but this team is awful.

14.  Toronto.  Lost 13 straight.  If it wasn't for the Cavs, they would be getting ripped on hardcore too.  Ed Davis is looking good, and other than maybe Calderon, they don't have much.  Barnagni is a bust. 

15.  Cavs.  Hilarious, debacle, atrocious, any word you want.  Other than Jamison they don't have anyone that could start on another team in the league.  It's the truth.  Lebron made this team and I don't think anyone thought he meant THIS much.  Wow.  I hope they lose 70.

My regular season predictions for the playoff seedings....

1. Celtics
2. Heat
3. Bulls
4. Magic
5. Knicks
6. Hawks
7. Bucks
8. Pacers

WEST to come.  If anyone made it this far.  Thanks for reading, ha.



  1. Good stuff Curt. My take on these teams will be in terms of watching them play against the Bulls, so sorry for the Bulls bias.

    15. Cavs are terrible, they are one loss away from tying the single season record for losses in a row. Not to mention 2 games away from tying the all time record, which they already hold, for most losses in a row ever. You are dead on, no one else(other than Jamison) could start for any other team in the NBA.

    14.Toronto is really bad as well, no interior defense to speak of. A month or two back Boozer played 26 mins, scored 34 on 13-17, in which i dont think they moved him more than 8 ft from the bucket all night.

    13. Actually havent seen them play a full game this year. I do know John Wall is the real deal, and McGee is a decent big. I also agree with you on Young and Blatche. If they can find an identity they have some peices, the best thing they did was get rid of Gilbert.

    12. They lost 70, i repeat 70 games last year. Remeber how good the 96 bulls were when they won 72, well this is how bad the the nets are. I do like Favors in addition to Lopez and Harris. I like that they have an owner who doesnt care what it costs and wants to make them a successful franchise. Curt, im suprised you didnt give love to your boy Sasha.

    11. I have hated the Pistons since the Chuck Daly days, the good thing is now they suck. I LOVE to watch Ben Gordan play now, because he doesnt play for the Bulls. When the ball is in his hands there is a %50 chance he turns it over, and the other half of the time he is either shooting his team in or out of a game.

    10.The Bucks, living close enough to Mil, i hear about them a lot. Their fans actually thought they were going to win the division this year. They dont have a bad team and have struggled through some injuries this year. Brandon Jennings has come back down to earth after his insane start to the year last year. I know one thing i wouldnt want him as my leader and PG, you are right Curt he can score but in terms of leading a team, not so much. I like Bogut, very underrated.

    9. They have a bunch of good young role players, but who is go to guy, Granger is good, but i see him as a good second option on a good team. My love for the tarheels runs deep, and Hansbrough is already doing more than most people expected him to do for his entire career. If he can stay healthy he is going to have a long and successful career as an above average role player.

    8.Augustin is sick and getting sicker. The Bulls have lost to them twice this year, one in which Rose missed a shot at the buzzer to win. They have a bunch of athletes on this team and not many basketball players. They make the playoffs, and could give one of the top 4 a run in the first round but dont go any further than that.

    7.The 6ers, who cares, they arent that good, IGGY needs to get out of that shit show. If the bulls had pieces to give up, he would be my top choice as our missing SG. Plays D, can shoot alittle, can handle the ball, and can you imagine him and Rose on the break, sickness.

  2. 6.Ha ha the Knicks. I dont have nearly the faith in NY that Curt does. I hate Amare, i think he is one of the more overrated players in the nba, sure he can score, but there is more to the basketball than that. I do like Ray Ray, he is in the perfect system for him, run run and run some more. Dantoni, good coach, but until he realizes you need to play D to win in the playoffs this team is going nowhere. This team isnt nearly as good as some of those PHO teams and what did they ever do, other than get bounced by teams that can play d. They are the ultimate fantasy team, score a 110 points and give up 111.

    5.The Magic are really good they just need time for their new pieces to gel. D Howard is one of my favorite players in the league. Once he learns how to shoot free throws he will be unstoppable, oh and he is only 25 years old. I like that they got rid of vince, he is done. If Gilbert accepts his role on this team watch out, they could easily be hoisting some hareware this year.

    4.Atl, agree with Curt, no team flow, bunch of individuals. I am hoping this team plays the Heat at some point in the playoffs, they have the athletes to match up very well with them. And to Joe Johnson, why did you sign that damn contract with them, he is the Bulls missing piece this year, if he signs with us, Championship, lock it up.

    3.And here is where things start to get interesting. Lebron became one of the most hated people in all of sports by doing what he did in the way he did it. They are good, but in most peoples minds, fit in right with Yankees and Steelers as Fuck you teams.

    2. My Bulls, this year has been so much fun to watch, D Rose has turned the corner and in my opinion is the most fun player to watch in the league(ok tied with Durant and Griffin). Up to this point he is the MVP, he as taken a team that won 41 games the last two years while growing up and put them on his back. He is doing this with his big men(Noah and Boozer) being hurt most of the season. His role on team USA really helped his progression as a true PG. He plays D, has learned to shoot, finishes around the hoop, has vision, can make every pass, and most importantly is a true winner and leader. His ability to absorb contact and contort his body in mid air is second to none, and now that he is getting some calls, watch out. The Bulls are getting healthy at the right time. Lets not forget about possible coach of the year Thibs, this guy is a stud and cant believe he spent so many years as an assistant, his time was past due and he is taking this young team in the right direction.

    1. The celts are the Celts. 4 all stars this year, i personally think that is overkill, but who do you leave off the team. The best team in league in terms of experience together and team defense. I think it is theirs to lose this year. KG and Ray Ray are getting old, time is coming to end for these guys, this might be their last year to do it. 5 future Hall of Famers, if you count Rondo.

    Wow that was a workout. If you didnt take the time to read Curts you certainly wont take the time to read this long winded analysis.

  3. Like the west, im only going into 8 teams for the east...

    1. Celtics--absolutely hate them but they are def the team to beat. Couldn't agree with curt more about them being good all around. They have a deep bench to go with veteran presence, playoff experience, clutch shooters, and i could go on for awhile...nothing we dont know already

    2. Heat--Cant stand the heat ( for obvious reasons) but they are nasty when they get going. Stats show that bosh needs to be on the floor for this team to be at their best but you can never count out lebron james..51 points on the road at orlando...are you freakin kidding me?

    3. Da Bulls--D Rose is my pick for MVP. He is just downright nasty. Similar to Dwade, in athletic ability, explosiveness, and both have an outside shot thats getting better but not quite on par with alot of other guards...Rose may actually be better at gettting to the hoop than wade....when noah gets back and have him and boozer in there then this team is gonna be loaded...looking forward to these teams battle in the playoffs

    4. Magic--all these trades make me wonder how good this team will actually be. its gonna take time to get but i do not like arenas at all and dwight howard isnt gonna drop 30 for ya if u need it...i just dont know about this team wtih all teh shuffling...and i pretty must dont like them because ron jeremy is their coach

    5. Atlanta- Athletic team that reminds me of the raiders and lions. Seems as if there is a front office problem bc they continue to get these high draft picks but they go with the flashy pick (marvin williams over chris paul and deron williams ) when they clearly have other glaring needs..but anyways they are a dangerous team that could get matched up wtih the magic in the first rounnd and def knock them out and give some other teams a fit

    6. Knicks--amare and raymond are a good fit for ny apparently...give them carmello and they may give up 110 points a game....Gallinari can straight up stroke it and chandler is athletic but they are still another player away from getting a series win in the playoffs..I dont think any of the top 4 are to scared of them right now

    7. Charlotte--they wont scare gerald wallace but after that i dont care much for this team...he needs to get out of there and get on a contender

    8. philly--Iggy needs to get out of there...agree with you completely klose..would have loved to see him in a cavs uniform last season but they actually think evan turner is going to be a superstar...think again folks