Monday, February 14, 2011

Kansas Goes Down

That didn't last long.  Kansas goes down.  Texas will be number one next week if they don't lose.  This is going to be a great year for college basketball, absolutely zero dominant teams.  Only thing is, there really aren't any great mid majors either.  It'll be a really fun tourney.  Maybe a team like BYU or something can get hot and get to the Final Four.  Otherwise here is my Final Four on February 14th....

1.  Ohio State.  Good shooting, post play, and defense, I think they'll be there.

2.  Wisconsin.  Same things.  They have shooters, big guys, don't miss free throws, play tough.  I see them getting there also.

3.  Georgetown.  Playing really well right now and just going to get better.  They play tough and I think they will wax the weaker schools.

4.  Arizona.  This is my reach team.  I think they are good, but who knows, they might not be.  Some team always gets hot and makes it right?  This my choice six weeks early.

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