Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spreads for the Night...

A few good games tonight, not really good games but they have some significance.

Illinois at Ohio State (-10.5)
Illinois to cover.  I really really doubt they win, but I could see an 8 point game or something like that.  Other than Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Purdue, the Big Ten is super weak.  They'll probably get another team in or two, but I wish they wouldn't.

Tennessee at Vanderbilt (-5.5)
Same goes with the SEC.  A few of these teams just aren't good, and I include Tennessee in there.  This might be a close game, but Vandy shoots free throws very well.  I see them making some at the end and covering the spread.

Michigan State at Minnesota (-2.5)
Michigan State to cover.  Both of these teams are not good, but someone has to win.

Reds spring update coming tonight....