Saturday, February 5, 2011

Three 2 End It

Greetings to Curt's 15 followers.  Its Fiser.  Curt is taking a break this evening from blogging so Im signing in as a special guest.  Im down in Tampa for business and stayed the night to hang out with Jeff and Curt.  Went out for dinner and beers....and then Curt wanted to know if we wanted to watch his high school basketball games.  Only 13 years later.....

Anywho, here we go:

1.  I'm taking the Packers in the Super Bowl, think its going to be close, but think they will win probably 27-21.  I'd take the over if its in the 40's.  The Steelers have a decent passing game, but not good enough and I think that will ultimately be there weakness - the Pack defense is much better and secondary is good.  The Packers, except for parts of the Bears game, have played the best football during the the postseason.  Expect Aaron Rodgers and the Packer offense to come out strong. 

2.  Some ok basketball games this weekend - Ohio State has struggled on the road all season and that could continue at Minnesota, though they are coming off  a lost to a now pesky Hoosier basketball squad (with their upcoming recruiting class, the Hoosiers will make the Big Dance next year).  Looking at the top 5, i would expect some movement by the end of the season, but my four number 1s right now are Ohio State, Kansas, Texas and Pitt.  I know they are the top four right now, but I think they will probably be there by the end of the season.  The only sub I might be wiling to make is Duke for one of the Big 12 teams, but Im not completely sold on Duke.

3.  So some people have compared LeBron James joining the Miami Heat to Hulk Hogan joining the NWO in WCW.  What I've wondered is who are the other characters.  I would say Dwayne Wade is Kevin Nash and Chris Bosh is Scott Hall.  They were in first in and James was the mighty finish to the triumverate that made them a force.  Wade is Nash because he could carry a faction by himself and someday Wade and James will "beef" much like Hogan and Nash did.  Pat Riley is Eric Bischoff - brought them all together and created the story line.  Udonis Haslem, Eddie House, and James Jones are the crappy NWO Virgil and the Disciple.  Dan Gilbert is Vince McMahon.  He lost his high priced salty....and will probably be back some day better than ever.  The Lakers and the Celtics are the Four Horsemen - a tight faction full of veteran talent that can rival the powers....talking the talk and walking the walk.  The question is who plays Sting....who silently overcomes the "villaneous" NWO / Heat.  Candidates:
-  The Spurs
-  Kevin Durant
-  Derrick Rose and the Bulls 

- Fiser

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