Monday, February 7, 2011

Spreads of the Day

Only two good games today.  We'll mix it up for a few days.  Go with over/unders...

Pittsburgh at West Virginia (128)
I'll go under, and I'm not telling you why.

Missouri at Kansas (155)
I'll go under, because I don't think either team is that good and Kansas will probably blow out Mizzou and slow it down at the end.

Current Standings....

Fiser (5-3)  63%
Haley (5-3)  63%
Nagel (25-19)  57%
Neil (23-23)  50%
Klose (24-26)  48%
Curt (24-30)  44%
Scotty (3-4)  43%
Thobe (2-3)  40%

Funny that the totals from above are 111-111.  I guess that's why they are all coin flips.  50% accuracy.

A10 update and final three to come.



  1. Under, under. The prop bets killed me.

  2. Buddy of mine sent me this at the start of the playoffs. For those who read kissingsuzykolber, you may have read this, but after such a glorious super bowl its a great read. Isnt it funny that a steelers loss in the super bowl is almost on par with your own team winning a championship.