Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spreads of the Day

Marquette at Villanova (-6)
I'll take Marquette here.

Syracuse at UCONN (-3.5)
UCONN to cover.  No faith in Syracuse right now.  They aren't good, and after this week they might find themselves no longer ranked.

Temple at LaSalle (+9.5)
LaSalle to cover.  Don't see Temple blowing them out at all.  And hoping my awful luck will in turn make Temple blow them out.

St. Bonaventure at Dayton (-9)
Bonnies to cover.  Until Dayton can show they know how to play basketball, I'll be against them.

Duke at Maryland (+5)
Duke to cover.  Won't be rooting for them, but I feel a blowout coming.


Fiser (5-3)  63%
Klose (14-10)  58%
Neil (13-15)  46%
Nagel (8-10)  44%
Thobe (2-3)  40%
Curt (9-19)  32%


  1. Nova, Uconn, Lasalle, Dayton, Duke

  2. nova uconn temple st bonn duke

  3. Nova, UConn, Temple, Dayton, Duke

    Also, on a side have to keep playing, you can't just stop at 5-3 and claim yourself the winner. Get back in the saddle and ride.