Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 9th....

1.  Cmon Temple.  Up 37-12 on a team that is 0-36 in their last 36 A10 games and they cut the lead to 53-50 in the second half??????  Wow.  Dayton falls again, hopefully they'll lay down on Saturday.  I hope so.  Lavoy Allen might be out, left with a sprained ankle, I hope not, Temple has no other big men.

2.  Big Ten is a laugher again.  Second best team has to go to overtime to beat one of the worst teams.???? 

3.  Look, Duke won, they are good.  But it's amazing how when Duke gets on a run they can hack all they want on D and never ever get called for it.  And if you touch one of their guys, you better believe it's two shots or an and one.  Like I said, they are good and they play good D, but it's obvious how the refs swallow the whistle.  Nolan Smith is really good.   Heels may be a good team in the tourney with the size they have, Zeller and Henson can work the glass.  Heels just need one more good shooter to be a real threat.

Klose and I lay a nice 4-0 on ya bitches, ha.  That's what you get Haley for picking exactly the opposite as me.


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