Friday, February 25, 2011

8 for Saturday......

Eight big games for Saturday.  Also, standings below, everyone has been pretty ice cold lately, time to pick it up, next to last regular season weekend here, then the fun begins.

Syracuse at Georgetown (-1)
Georgetown to cover.  I know Chris Wright is out, but G'town needs a big win and I don't like Syracuse.  I think Syracuse has proven me wrong about four straight times but I don't care.

Missouri at Kansas State (-4)
Missouri can't win on the road and Kansas State is pretty hot right now.  Not sure if K State will blow them out or not but I think they will cover.

Wichita State at Missouri State (-1)
Big game in the MVC.  Mizzou State to win, don't know much about them, just know they are both good.

BYU at San Diego State (-3.5)
Must watch game.  Jimmer at SDSU, rematch.  I think SDSU holds its own at home.

St. John's at Villanova (-6.5)
St. John's to cover.  Not sure if they'll win but I think they'll keep it closer than seven.

Arizona at UCLA (-1)
UCLA at home.  Use to love to watch this game back in the day.  Bibby, Simon, Terry, Dickerson and the likes vs. Baron, Watson, Bailey, Gadzuric and the likes.  Fun one.

Florida at Kentucky (-8)
Florida plays solid enough to not get blown out.  Florida to cover, still don't like them though.

Duke at Virginia Tech (+4.5)
Delaney and Jones are ballers, they can score it up.  I think they cover this game.  Might not win, but it'll be close, it has to be.

Feel good about those, that has 7-1 written all over it. 

Now for the Standings...

Nagel (52-44)  54.2%
Klose (46-39)  54.1%
Neil (30-32)  48.4%
Curt (51-55)  48.1%
Fiser (6-7)  46.2%
Jason (9-11)  45%
Thobe (4-5)  44.4%
Scotty (3-4)  42.9%
Haley (10-14)  41.7%


  1. Georgetown. Kansas State. Wichita State. San Diego State. Villanova. Arizona. Florida. Duke.

  2. CUSE ....K ST......WITCH ST ......SDSU ..

  3. Cuse, K St., Wichita St., SDSU, SJ, Zona, Florida, VA Tech