Sunday, February 6, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 5th....

1.  Lots of college basketball today.  151 division one games.  Guess nobody wants to play on Super Bowl Sunday.  I'm sure there were a few upsets and such, but really, it was chalk all day, the teams that should have won did.

2.  Watched that movie Untraceable tonight.  Not bad, I'd recommend it if you needed something to watch. 
Also watched the Jersey Shore.  Sammi has to be the worst person ever, like really ever.  I really hope she is acting, no one can really be that much of a piece of shit.   

3.  My boy Shannon Sharpe elected to the Hall of Fame.  Totally deserves it, the dude changed the position and was a beast.  Remember when he use to flex when he scored a TD?  Dude was HUGE.  First jersey I ever owned was his. 

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