Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spreads for Today

Not too many good games at all, a couple of these suck but I wanted to get five out there.  Thank God for a couple good NBA games tonight.

Michigan at Ohio State (-15.5)
Michigan to cover.  I don't know why, just a coin flip I guess.

Tennessee at Auburn (+8)
Tennesse to win by more than 8.  Auburn is really bad, but again, who knows.

Arizona at Stanford (+2.5)
Arizona to win and cover.  The one time I watched them they looked pretty good.  Some good pro athletes.

Spurs at Lakers (-3.5)
Lakers to win and cover.  They are due, Kobe is pissed.

Heat at Magic (-1)
Magic to win and cover.  They play well at home and I don't like the Heat, althought Wade is freaking really good.