Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Notes...

Thoughts on the weekend ending February 13th....

1.  Nice Temple win over Dayton.  Not one senior touched the floor since Lavoy Allen was out.  Good view of things to come next year.  Temple has scorers, big men, guys that play D, and great ball handling.  They aren't that great this year so I don't expect a deep run in the tourney or anything, but they can handle bad teams no problem.  I believe they will win the A10 tourney again.  Big game next week against Richmond and then Duke the week after.  19 straight home game win streak on the line next week.

2.  Wisconsin looked pretty freaking good with that win over Ohio State.  Did I hear a Diebler swallows chant?  I hope that is what I was hearing.  Ohio State looked good too though, not really taking anything away from them.  The announcer said it best though, Wisconsin definitely has the look of a Final Four team.  Carrot Top had some big plays, and their only black guy carried them.

3.  Here is how I would rank the Top Ten to come out on Monday.  This is NOT how it will be, but this is my top ten....1 Ohio State, 2 Texas, 3 Kansas, 4 Pittsburgh, 5 Duke, 6 Notre Dame, 7 SDSU, 8 Georgetown, 9 BYU, 10 Wisconsin.  I know Kansas has only one loss, but they lost at home to Texas, I think Texas should be ranked ahead of them.  OSU still looks the best to me, I would leave them at one.  Notre Dame looks really good, I move them ahead of the Mountain West teams.  The Wisconsin win has to get them in the Top Ten.

4.  Brandon Klose rocked a nice 8-0 on Saturday in the spreads pickem.   If he would have put 10 bucks on that in Vegas he would have won a nice $2.762.73 for his troubles.  That would have meant a pretty sweet night on the strip I have a feeling.  Channel your next big hit like that for Friday night in Vegas, thanks.  Here are our standings as of now...
Fiser 63%
Klose 55%
Nagel 54%
Curt 51%
Neil 47%
Thobe 44%
Scotty 43%
Haley 42%

5.  Edinson Volquez told ESPN that he turned down a longer deal with the Reds.  They were offering him four years just like Cueto but he decided he wanted just a one year deal.  I like this because he wants to have a great year, then sign long term for more money.  Nothing wrong with having a cocky professional trying to have a great year for more money.  That's the best motivation you can ask for.

6.  A couple big NBA games today.  Heat go down to the Celtics, they just cannot beat them.  Celtics retake the best record in the East and I think they'll continue that and the East will have to go through them.  Magic handle the Lakers.  Not really a big deal, Lakers are playing well, that was the fourth game on a seven game road trip, you'll have off nights.  I like hearing Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Dwight Howard will all be free agents next summer, the next two years will be interesting.

7.  I am going to say that Tiger Woods will not win this year.  He can't make clutch putts anymore.  It's almost like all of his luck has run out.  The dude is probably the greatest golfer ever so I'm not saying he is lucky, but how many teams during his domination did he have putts fall that no one would ever make?  And shots bounce right at the pin, and just other wacky stuff like that.  That stuff isn't happening now and there are too many other good golfers.  I'm calling another Ofer for him.

8.  Anyone doing the Streak for the Cash?  I love this game.  You just pick games daily and try to create a streak.  The longest streak for each month wins 50 grand.  Doesn't cost anything.  How could you not do it?  I had a 12 game streak going last month, it was sweet.  Start doing this and let me know where you stand.

9.  This NFL labor thing is going to get really bad.  I didn't believe that they would actually lockout, but now it looks inevitable.  I'm just wondering how long it will go.  I'm guessing it will get done after the first preseason game or second preseason game.  I don't think any regular season games will be missed, but who knows.  Right now there is no sense of urgency so no one is willing to negotiate.

10.  For all you Jersey Shore watchers, I'm glad that bitch Sammi left.  She has to be the worst person I have ever not met.  I am starting to think she is just a really good actor, because no one could be that big of a piece of shit, no one.  Does she not realize how awful she is?  Just listen to her talk, she twists everything that is said into a whoa is me type thing.  Why do you do this to me?  I dont deserve this.  Blah blah blah blah. It's pathetic.  God I hate her.

11.  Haley and I watched Just Go With It Saturday night.  You know, the new movie with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.  It was pretty good, I've always been a big fan of Sandler so I knew I would like it.  Brooklyn Decker is in it.  Of course she is hot, but there is just something about her that doesn't make her drop dead gorgeous or anything.  I would recommend seeing it if you needed to go watch a chic flick.  Aniston looks good for being so old.  She's probably older than Schellhause. 

12.  Four weeks until Selection Sunday.  Three days until pitchers and catchers report.  32 days until we leave for Vegas and March Madness begins.  46 days until Opening Day.  Eight weeks until the Masters.  And many many more things coming up, I love this time of year.



  1. Temple is ok and Dayton is hurting bad... A team at the DI level should not shoot that bad every game...
    Longest streak for cash is 13 and been doing it since it started. Much tougher than it sounds.

  2. Hell yes it is tough. When I got to 12 I started freaking out, too much pressure. Don't even know what I would do if I got to 20 or something.

  3. I wouldn't be too excited about the Dayton win. UD scores 21 pts in the first half. I could honestly put up 12 by myself flinging half-courters over the course of 20 minutes. Dayton has more talent than any a-10 team but a God-awful coach. Jim baron coaching UD players has them in 1st place. Sad for the players actually.

    This is Charlie (btw). No google/aim/whatever else account - easier to draft-dodge that way should Iran follow egypts lead.


    This link above is the best UD article I've read all year??? Lol This guy had to wait this long to put this together, Really?