Sunday, February 6, 2011


Tonight we find out if there is a God.  God wouldn't let the shitty Steelers win another Super Bowl, no way.  They don't have a good offensive line, don't have great cornerbacks, and don't have good seperation receivers.  They win by getting lucky and being opportunistic.  It all ends tonight.  I believe that the Packers were better than their record all year and just have way too much firepower indoors.  Their D line and linebackers will reek havoc on little Benjamin.  I actually see it being a little bit of a blowout, Steelers will appear to be making a good comeback but never quite get there.  Calling a 31-17 Packers victory.  MVP will be either Rodgers, who will have a good game, or a guy like Matthews or Woodson if they have a strip sack TD or a pick TD or something like that.  Goat of the game will be the Steelers nickel back guys, they are going to get lit up.  Jennings, Driver, Nelson, and Jones are too good.

There is an absolute shitload of prop bets, more than I ever could imagine.  I just picked out a few good ones for us to pick from.  Make your picks, try to spell them out so I can keep track.

Hope everyone enjoys the game and doesn't end up being mad the whole time like a few of the last Super Bowls.  Please God make the Steelers fans suffer, please, I'm begging.

1.  Packers -3 in the game.
Packers to cover obviously.

2.  Who will the winning coach thank first?  God, Family, fans or city, team, staff, or nobody.
I'm going to go with the team.

3.  Coin Flip.  Heads or Tails.
I'm feeling tails.  Feels like a tails game.  Scientific pick.

4.  Will there be a field goal over 43.5 yards?
I'm going to say yes.  Crosby from 52.

5.  Which color will the Gatorade be that is poured on the winning coach?  Green, yellow, orange, red, blue, or clear?
I'm going to go with yellow.

6.  Will the National Anthem go more or less than one minute and 57 seconds? 
I'll go under.

7.  First to score.

8.  First penalty.
I'll say on the Packers

9.  First first down will be either a pass or run.
I'll say passing play.

10.  Will the first replay but overturned or will the play stand?
I'll say overturned.

Hopefully this will help me get back in the race for the title.



  1. 1. steelers 24-23....2. Tomlin will thank God....3. Heads....4. Yes crosby 47 yds....5. Yellow.....6. Over its Aguilara....curt what did they used to call her in high school?...7. packers a fg.....8. Packers holding on the opening kickoff....9. Pass......10. Overturned

  2. 1. Packers 2. The city of green bay 3. Heads 4. Yes 5. Yellow 6 over 7. Pitt 8. Pitt 9. Run 10 overturned

  3. 1. Packers
    2. Fans
    3. Heads
    4. No
    5. Blue
    6. Under
    7. Steelers
    8. Packers
    9. Run
    10. Stand

  4. pack, city, heads, yes, yellow, over, pack, steelers, pass, stand