Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reds Update

Some Reds notes....

First, this Gomes thing is stupid.  I don't believe he was "singing" about Wainwright being out.  No one would do that.  And you know what, if he did, who cares?  What is said in the clubhouse shouldn't leave the clubhouse.  This is the second time Hal McCoy has reported something like that.  The last time was with Phillips last year talking about the Cardinals.  Is he trying to tick off the players?

Second, first game is finally Sunday.  Can't wait.  Time for the real players to seperate from the minor leaguers.  I like the Volquez, Arroyo, Cueto, Bailey, Wood look right now.  I don't see Leake making the rotation.  Not now, Wood I believe is too good and deserves the spot.  That's why they have Spring Training though.

Here is my pitching staff as of now...

Volquez, Cueto, Arroyo, Wood, and Bailey
Righty Relievers
Masset, Cordero, Arredondo, Ondrusek
Lefty Relievers
Chapman, Bray, Maloney

Willis, Leake, Burton on the outside looking in.  For now of course.

Gomes, Lewis, Stubbs, Bruce

Hermida probably won't make the team, he should, but he won't.  I don't think Heisey will start up in the majors either.  Cairo can play the fifth outfielder in case of emergency.

Rolen, Francisco, Renteria, Janish, Phillips, Cairo, Votto

Valaika will probably stay in AAA, so will Alonso, no reason for them to just sit the bench.

Hernandez and Hanigan

Mesoraco will be waiting for the first inevitable injury.

There's your 25 man roster, as of February 24th.  I'm sure I probably forgot someone and will look stupid when you point it out, but that's who I have right now.  Stay healthy everyone.  Go Reds.


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  1. I agree with your 25 man roster, except I see Willis making the bullpen ahead of Maloney. All reports are the D-Train is back on track. However, that is easy to say throwing bullpens. So, we will see. I like Maloney a lot as well.