Friday, February 18, 2011

Saturday's Spreads.....

Duquesne at Dayton (+2.5)
Dayton to win.  For some reason I see them winning out and getting on the bubble with a chance.  Probably will be wrong but I think they win this game at home.

Pittsburgh at St. John's (+3.5)
St. John's to win.  They're hot right now.  Pitt has to lose soon, they'll lose this one, or at least not win by more than three.

Georgia at Tennessee (-4)
Tennessee to win and cover.  Georgia is slumping and doesn't have as much talent.

Notre Dame at West Virginia (-3.5)
Notre Dame to cover.  They may not win but they'll keep it close.  West Virginia can't score enough to win by more than three.

Washington at Arizona (-2.5)
Arizona to win and cover.  They are hot and rolling right now.  Washington is neither.

Illinois at Michigan State (-2.5)
Michigan State to win and cover.  Both teams suck but Illinois is really bad.


  1. UD (Goodwins real fav.), Pitt, Tenn, Notre Dame, Arizona, M State

  2. Dayton....St Johns.....Tennessee ...Notre Dame.....Arizona .....Mich St......
    On another note Bieber has some serious skills......if u saw the celeb all star game

  3. Duquesne. Pitt. Tennesse. Notre Dame. Arizona. Michigan State.

    My personal favorite part about Bieber in the celeb all star game was the fact that whenever he even touched the ball you heard a bunch of teenage girls scream at the top of their lungs.

  4. Ya, I noticed he had a little game. I was jealous of him though, not because of the screaming teenage girls, but because he was over there, dribbling between his legs, kicking the ball out to Scottie Pippen for threes. I never got to kick a ball out to Scottie Pippen for three, and this little faggot gets to. Damn.