Sunday, January 23, 2011

Todd Collins

Poor Todd Collins.  He wasn't suppose to be in this game, he doesn't want to be in this game.  He knows he sucks.  Everyone is booing him because they know its over.  It shouldn't be on him.  But too bad man, you are going to be booed and ridiculed.  Sorry, it's the bad part of being a clipboard Quarterback.


  1. Someone on the Bears needs to get fired on that one. Your back up qb shouldnt be 16 years into the league. (Unless he's Brett Favre backing up Aaron Rodgers next year in GB)

  2. I agree, apparently he didn't even want to play, they offered him 300 grand and he said he wouldnt come out of retirement for less than a mil, so they gave him 2 mil. Can't you tell that a guy doesnt' want it anymore?