Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three 2 End It

Thoughts on January 27th....

1.  Knicks played really well.  I know they aren't that great and they aren't in the top 4 of the East but I like them.  They have quickness, size, and shooters.  Dwayne Wade is a beast, made 13 straight shots at one point.  Lebron just stood around and slowed the game to a halt.  I don't like him.  Klose's pick for the over wasnt, well, close.

2.  Big Ten makes me laugh.  A true Big Ten honk would tell you that they look great because even the bottom of the league can beat the best in the league.  Well, sorry, but you're wrong.  When two of your preseason top 5 are losing to Michigan and Indiana, that just shows that your conference is super weak.  Ohio State, Wisconsin, and on certain nights, Purdue, are the only good teams in that conference.

3.  As Klose pointed out earlier, the South Course at Torrey Pines is ridiculous.  7569 yards.  Shortest par four is 387 and six par fours are over 450.  One hole is 613.  Mickelson -5, Tiger -3, some Japanese guy leads at -8.



  1. Disagree with point two. I think this is just classic Goodwin anti Big Ten logic. Sure the Big East is the best conference. But the Big Ten is probably the second best conference. Indiana pulled off an upset at home. Michigan beat an MSU program that is in trouble. All that said, I think the Big Ten gets five in the tourney this year (OSU, Purdue, Minn, Ill, WIsco)...six if MSU turns it around or if someone wins the big ten tourney. I would maybe listen to the Big 12 having the second best conference...but I think there bottom half struggles.

  2. 1.That was a big swing and miss on the heat knicks game. Didn't watch much of the game but from what i saw LBJ looked uninterested. Maybe he is tired of the South Beach already and will demand a trade this offseason.

    2. I hate big ten basketball, it is usually boring, slow paced, and lacks athleticism. That being said, the only team in that conference that has a legit title chance is OSU. UNC played and lost to both ILL and MINN early in the season. ILL on the road and MINN on a neutral court, neither of them scare me, a rematch with either would end differently. My roommate is a MSU fan, have had the privilege of watching many of their games this season, Fiser you are dead on, IN TROUBLE. I know it is a coaches job to give his team the best chance of winning every night, but the way Wisc plays is fucking miserable. Thank god there is a shot clock or they would hold for the last shot directly after winning the tip. And Purdue who i thought was going to be pretty good this year, seems pretty average. Take a look at their schedule, pathetic, they have one top 25 win over the in trouble MSU Spartans.

    In my opinion another on par year for the big ten, great coaches average players. They get 6 teams in the tourney because the ACC and Pac 10 are weak. Those teams win a few games because the coaches have great game plans to beat weak opponents and then lose to teams with players than can play. Not to mention the big ten can't rely on Izzo to carry the conference this year, leaving us with one question can Thad finally cash in on one of these phenomenal recruiting classes he has been getting.

    3. The Pga Tour is going to be awesome this year. You have some guys who can absolutely bomb it, Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson. The young guns (Rory and Ricky) are a year older and ready to win. And of course Tiger is back and banging chicks without feeling bad about it. Plus he needs to make back that 150 mil so he is a billionaire again. I heard being a billionaire works with the ladies.