Friday, January 28, 2011

Spreading for Saturday

Eight games for Saturday and my predictions....and random alumni comparisons from the past....

Ohio State at Northwestern (+11.5)
Ohio State to cover.  They are rolling and Northwestern is weak, like the rest of the Big Ten.  Zero NCAA appearances Ever?  That's tied with New Bremen state appearances in 35 years.  Who was better?  Evan Eschmeyer or Lawrence Funderburke?

Louisville at UCONN (-3)
I like UCONN, they are pretty good.  Kemba can take over games, and he probably will again.  Who was better?  Francisco Garcia or Ben Gordon?

Kansas State at Kansas (-11)
I'll take Kansas State to cover.  They suck but it's a rivalry game and Kansas has struggled lately.  Who was better?  Michael Beasley or Greg Ostertag?

Georgetown at Villanova (-4.5)
Villanova to cover, they just had a bad game last time.  Who was better?  Allen Iverson or Kerry Kittles?

Missouri at Texas (-7)
I think Texas is getting hot at the right time, probably too early actually.  But they should cover this at home.  Who was better?  Kareem Rush or Daniel Gibson?  Both can only do one thing.

Syracuse at Marquette (-2)
Marquette in a romp.  Syracuse sux, im convinced they are overrated like most years.  They play every game at home early and then struggle down the stretch.  Who was better?  Gerry McNamara or Steve Novak?  Both could only do one thing also.

Minnesota at Purdue (-9)
Minnesota to cover.  And who cares, Big Ten is boring and a waste of my time.  Who was better?  Voshon Leonard or Glenn Robinson?

Xavier at Richmond (-4)
Big game.  Xavier to cover but I think Richmond wins.  I don't know any past players from Richmond.  And whoever the player you want to name from Xavier is, I guarantee you he is a thug.


  1. OSU,UCONN, KU, GTown, Texas, Marq, Minn, Xavier

    Funderburke, Gordan, Beasley, Iverson, Rush, McNamara, Big Dog, David West

  2. Ohio State will win, but wont cover. Eschmeyer is arguably one of the greatest NW wildcat basketball players ever. Funderburke doesnt even crack the top ten for ohio state - he was number 29 on a top fifty list i found online - didnt play his whole career there.

    Uconn and cover - Ben Gorden

    Kansas win and cover - Beasley

    Villanova win and cover - Kerry Kittles

    Texas wins - but doesn cover - dont know the better player

    I think i already picked Marquette over Cuse - McNamara - was a solid guard

    I already picked the Minn Purdue game - Big Dog for sure - He might have been the best player in the big ten in the 90's - might have been

    Xavier - Romain Sato

  3. Jimmer is better than all of those guys. No doubt.

  4. osu,uconn,k st,nova,texas,cuse,minn,xavier

  5. OSU, UCONN, KS, Vill, Tx, Marq, Minn, Rich