Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spreads Update

Awful night, but again, I'm use to it, doesn't faze me....

WVU covered at Louisville, should have beat them, sweet game winner by Louisville.  Huggins was super pissed at his guy for taking a terrible last second shot, pretty comical.

Texas waxed OK State, that was a stupid pick by me.  Texas is proving to be pretty good and they are young and getting better.

Georgetown waxed St. John's also, way off of that one too.  Every Georgetown win helps Temple's RPI so I'll take it.

Temple only won by 9 at home, so again, another loss. 

BYU vs. San Diego State to come later, might keep me from being shutout on the night. 

Look, as if you all didn't know, if you just listen to who I pick and pick the opposite, you'll make money, everybody knows this.  I have the worst sports betting luck ever.  I was in Vegas when the Reds blew the 9-1 lead in Atlanta this year, lost money on that one.  One year I had Golden State in a pick and they set the record low for points in the fourth quarter, scoring only two, and they lost by three.  For the World Cup I picked a team to win it, a longshot, me and my buddy picked Greece.  I get home and learned that Greece had never scored a goal in the World Cup, EVER!!!!  I thought for sure their plane wouldn't make it to South Africa. 

At least I didn't wake up one morning in Vegas and look at my betting tickets and noticed that I made multiple duplicate bets along with multiple bets on spring training games.  Nagel.

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