Monday, January 24, 2011

Three 2 End It

Three thoughts on January 24th......

1.  The rankings are at it again.  Michigan State and Illinois are still ranked with 7 and 6 losses respectively.  Are you kidding?  Just put another team up there, it's ok, the Big Ten won't tell on you.  Utah State is 18-2 with losses to only Georgetown and BYU, maybe they could get a number by their name?  Would that be ok?

2.  The Jay Cutler thing.  Seems that everyone has a high threshold for Jay Cutler's pain.  I hate the guy more than most people being a Bronco fan but this whole thing about him quitting is ridiculous.  If the players say he didn't quit on them, then how can the media say he quit on his team?  Give me a break.  He just has poor body language, thats what kills him.  And he doesn't open up to the media, so they will take any chance to tear him down, just like the Tiger thing.

3.  Cavs lost their 17th straight tonight.  That's pretty embarrassing.  I guess Lebron was that good.  Where are Dougherty, Price, and Ehlo when you need them?



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