Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spreads of the Day

Can't get worse than yesterday.  No really, it's impossible.  Post your picks, we'll keep a tally...

Boston College at Duke (-17)
Boston College to cover.

Michigan at Michigan State (-10.5)
Michigan to cover.  Michigan State just isn't that good to win by 11.

UCLA at Arizona (-7.5)
UCLA to cover.  They have some good talent.  Arizona is good though, but won't cover.

Illinois at Indiana (+5)
Illinois to win and cover.  No faith in the Hoosiers.

Heat at Knicks (+4.5)
Knicks to cover.  Big fan of the Knicks, they have some scorers.  I heard the Heat has some scorers too though, so we'll see.

Neil, 5-5, 50%
Klose, 2-3, 40%
Curt, 2-8, 20%


  1. B.C., Michigan, Ucla, Illinois, Heat

    2 things

    -the 4 college games seem like locks to me, until we lose all 4

    -Heat Knicks. I hate both of these teams a lot, but lbj is averaging close to 40 a game in the garden his last 5 trips. Not to mention the knicks are giving up over 106 a game this year. Bonus bet, O/U 209, im taking the over!

  2. Duke, Michigan, Arizona, Illinois, Heat

    I heard that NASCAR is trying to get a little more high-brow as to work their way into a larger demo.

    That makes about as much sense as Snooki writing a book.

  3. BC Michigan State Arizona Illinois Heat

  4. also i went 3-2 yesterday right?

  5. The South Course at Torrey Pines is playing over 7800 yards. Thats one of the most ridiculous things i have ever heard. Can you imagine playing that?

  6. Nagel, I don't see your picks on there man, so you are still 0-0.

    Klose, ya, what was Arrowhead? 5800 or something?

  7. ummm Indiana just won. Interestingly, the Wall Street Journal has one (and only one) page for Sports. They also have predictions on who is going to win a handful of college games and the score. And they picked Indiana to win by five I think. They played Ohio State decently tough earlier this year. Plus they had GuJo calling the game.....

    Realizing all of these thoughts are late but I cant get on blogs at work.

    Hard to pick against Duke right now b/c of how bad the ACC is this year in comparison to years past. That spread was a little high though.

    I have no idea what to think of Michigan State right now.

    Not as familiar with the Pac 10 this year.

    I dont like betting on NBA spreads during the regular season.

    Ill make some quick picks for Saturday:

    Marquette over Cuse
    Purdue over Minnesota
    Ohio State over Northwestern - but doenst cover
    Kentucky over Georgia but doesnt cover