Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three 2 End It

1.  That BYU vs. San Diego State game was good.  They covered to close out my 0 for 5 night.  Jimmer Fredette is amazing.  Finished with 43.  I'm telling you all right now, if you haven't watched him play, you need to make it a point to watch him.  He is the first player in quite some time, that makes me just watch where he is on the court at all times.  I think the only way you can stop him is to hope he gets tired.  He plays like we all wish we could play.  He plays like we all have played in open gym once or twice before, but it's consistent for him.  He is hitting fadeaway threes, driving layups, threes from 25 feet, ridiculous.  He jumps about three feet in the air on every jump shot.  My only issue with him is that he seems to be one of those guys that has something to say to the ref every time he misses, every time he gets stripped, like he wants to get bailed out and it couldn't possibly be his fault for the turnover or something.  Gets kind of annoying. 

2.  Villanova loses to Providence.  I was telling people that I thought OSU was the best team and that Villanova was probably the second best.  Well, that's wrong.  Look at all the top teams that have fallen lately.  Duke doesn't have a lost post game.  Kansas loses to Texas.  Syracuse gets crushed by Seton Hall.  I think it might be OSU and the field this year, at least for now.

3.  NASCAR reveals new point system tonight.  Talk about unintentional comedy.  First, the guy at the press conference was struggling, not much of a public speaker.  Then he continues to say how they changed the points to 43 for first, 42 for second, 41 for third, and so on with last place getting one point.  He says how they needed to make it simpler for their fans to understand.  He then says, for example, if you are behind by 10 points, then you know you need to pass 10 cars to catch up.  Wow.  Why doesn't he just say, hey, our fans are redneck idiots that don't know simple math?  That's basically what he was saying, it was awesome. 

- Curt 

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