Monday, January 31, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on January 31st....

1.  Texas looks to be the real deal.  A beat down on the road on Big Monday is no small task.  They might be looking at a one seed come tourney time with Duke, Ohio State, and Pittsburgh.  That is as of right now though.  Who knows who could get hot in the Big East, win the tourney, and get a one seed.

2.  21 straight losses for the Cavs, wow.  They were 5-5 at one time also.  Now a good 8-40.  They haven't won since December 18th.  They really could be looking at 70 losses, that would be an amazing turn around.

3.  Ohio State has all 96 first place votes in the combined AP Poll and Coaches Poll, and they should.  They are clearly the best team right now.  Starting Saturday they have at Minny, at Wisconsin, MSU at home, then at Purdue, and home vs. Illinois.  Not great teams but I have to imagine they'll slip up in one those. 
- Michigan State is finally kicked out of the polls, thank God. 
- Somehow though Illinois is still ranked 24th with a 14-7 record. 
- Syracuse has lost four straight and has only fallen to 17th. 
- Louisville is the big mover this week, all the way up to 13th.  Although they lost tonight to Georgetown. 
- Right now 7 of the top 17 teams are out of the Big East, that is crazy. 
- Three teams are ranked from "non power conferences".

Don't get caught out in the weather guys.  Haley and I laid out by the pool Sunday and Tuesday it is suppose to be a high of 78.  Good luck. 



  1. Curt, i know you have been looking for a job in cincy. A postion in sports has recently opened up. Based on the performance and longevity of the previous holder of this position it might be a the best job in the world.

    No expectations, zero accountability. Minimal requirements of football knowledge and/or coaching experience. Winning is not a factor in determining job sucess. You have insanely good job security, mediocrity will get you atleast 8-10 years. No need to build a game plan or weekly schemes, as the owner/GM will force his elementry ideas on you. Maybe the best part of the job, 3 hours a week from 1-4 on Sundays, for only 16 weeks a year. Practice is of course optional. A few of the negatives are: you will have to pay for your own travel expenses, for those pesky away games. Your starting QB and RB dont want to play for you, and your #1 WR's friend is now gone and will cause as many distractions as possible. Not to mention you will be the lowest paid coordinator in the NFL. But hey everyone has to start somewhere....right?

    They have to hire from within or get someone that is out of work right now. Who in there right mind would leave another team/job to coach this shit show that is the Cincinnati Bengals offense.

  2. Ha, thanks for the heads up Klose. I'll put my qualifications as winning Flag Football Championships as player coach. That should be good enough right?