Monday, January 24, 2011

A10 Update

Well, the new bracket projections came out today.  In one of them, Temple is a 7, Xavier is an 8, Richmond is an 11, and Dayton is a 12.  In the other Temple is an 8 and Xavier is an 11.  Doesn't look good for the A10 this year, currently they have zero teams ranked in the national polls.  Seven weeks to go before Selection Sunday but I can't imagine them getting more than three bids at the most.  Temple should be a lock with their out of conference wins and Xavier just dominates in conference so they should be a lock too.  If Duquesne stays hot then they have a chance but I would guess it will just be Temple and Xavier, and whoever wins the A10 Tourney if one of them slips up.  Dayton always wins at home so I guess they are in the discussion but its a longshot right now.  And Richmond, blah, they suck, Im not giving them a chance.

This weeks important games....

Richmond at Dayton (Tuesday)
Big game, could go a long way in determining a first round bye in the tourney at the end of the year.  Dayton gets every call at home so they'll win.

Temple at St. Joes (Saturday)
Big 5 game so you never know.  Last time they played Temple had to score at the very end to pull it out.  That stupid Hawk will be flapping his fake arms the whole time like he's cool, what a loser.  That kid in the costume is probably retarded, not actually retarded though. 
"You don't call retarded people retards, thats poor taste.  You call your friends retards when they are acting retarded." - Michael Scott

Xavier at Richmond (Saturday)
Big week for Richmond, they take both of these games and they are the team to beat.  However, I see them losing both, being out of it, and their fans will turn to watching cars drive around in circles and call it their national pastime, rednex.

Dayton at Duquesne (Sunday)
Big week for Dayton too.  They take them both and they are right in there and could be looking at an at large bid.  I actually see them taking both, we'll see.  Duquesne just shoots threes and shoots well at home, Dayton will just miss shots and play scrappy, since all they have are athletes and not basketball players.  But, Duquesne doesn't have much height so I think they may overpower them.  Who knows though, college kids, you don't know what dumbshit things they will do.  Why again do we even put any emotions into this?

We'll update this weekly and see where we stand.  If anyone cares though, Temple is riding a 16 game home winning streak, top ten in the nation. 

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