Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final thoughts on January 30th.....

1.  Nice finish to the Farmers Insurance Championship.  Phil needed to dunk one from 80 yards to tie and dropped it about a foot short and almost spun it back.  Funniest thing was that he walked all the way to the green, picked out where he wanted to land it and even had his caddy go up and tend the flag.  Pulled it out when the ball was in the air, awesome. 

2.  The Pro Bowl is a joke.  Tried to watch it but couldn't.  Best part was when Rivers threw one deep to Lloyd and Lloyd didn't even go up to get it and it got picked off.  I hope he did that on purpose, fuck Rivers.

3.  Duke gets dominated.  They were 1 for 21 from three point range at one point.  They don't have any low post presence to counteract their shooting when it goes south.  This will hurt them in the tourney, or they could get super hot and ride it to the title again.  I'm betting against it, but Im an awful bettor so who knows.

A10 Update coming tomorrow along with a rankings breakdown.


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