Saturday, January 29, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on January 29th......

1.  11 top 25 teams lose on one day.  Crazy.  Xavier demolishes Richmond, weird.  We sucked on our picks again, starting to get super embarrassing.

2.  Tiger fades, he sux.  Ha, clearly not true but that is what the media is going to say.

3.  Gasparilla was a success.  Saw one kid passed out puking everywhere with his high school friends looking around in complete shock, knowing that they were all going to get arrested.  So many smashed people, awesome event.  People that live around here that don't go make me feel really bad for them, you know who you are. 

More tomorrow, maybe some updates and previews, need to get some rest.  Later.



  1. i was at the ohio state game - they should have lost.

  2. How do you just stop scoring against a weak team? I didn't watch it, just saw the highlights, so maybe I'm missing something.