Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spreads of the Day

Today's top five games.  Lets see if we can do better than 2 out of 5.  Doubt it....

Texas at Oklahoma State (+5.5)
Texas looked good at Kansas, but I don't think they cover on the road.  I'll take OK State.

West Virginia at Louisville (-7)
Louisville to cover.  WVU is weak this year.  They lost at home to Marshall, that one sticks with me. 

St. Johns at Georgetown (-7.5)
St. Johns will cover.  Georgetown is not playing well right now.  They don't have any scorers.  They got beat by OU last year, ha.  They suck.

Charlotte at Temple (-16.5)
Temple to cover.  Why?  I don't freaking know.  But they have to get going sooner or later, its starting to get depressing.

San Diego State at BYU (-5.5)
Biggest game of the night.  SDSU will cover, they are really good.  BYU is a one man team.  But Jimmer is a stud.  Best white boy shooter since, I don't know, Dickau maybe?

Send your thoughts.