Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top South Park Episodes 15-11

Second installment of my Top 25 South Park episodes of all time.  Tough for these to not make the top 10, but the top 15 is still a great accomplishment.  Let's relive these episodes...

#15 Free Willzyx - Season 9
Kyle talks to a whale at Sea Park.  The whale talks back and says he wants to see his family on the moon.  Kyle gets the others and they talk to Jambu also.  The show announcers are the ones behind it, and their laughter makes it that much more funny.  It WAS funny, the one guy says.  The boys try to get someone to fly Willzyx to the moon, but everyone is too expensive except the Mexican Space Administration.  They only charge $200.00 for the flight.  The one Mexican saying, Si, fly, is the highlight of the episode.  The boys eventually steal the whale and get him shot to the moon.  The last scene is a picture of Willzyx lying on the moon, dead.

#14 Red Sleigh Down - Season 6
Christmas episode.  Cartman has to do something great so he can get gifts, he realizes he's pretty far in the negative.  The boys get Santa to fly to Iraq to bring them Christmas cheer.  Santa's sleigh is shot down and the reindeer are dead, Santa's legs are broken and he is taken hostage by the Iraqi's.  Anyone remember the reindeers names?  How could you forget them? Steven, Fluffy, Horace, Chantel, Skippy, Rainbow, Patches, and Montel.  How hard did the makers laugh when coming up with those names?  So the boys go to Iraq to save Santa and they bring Jesus with them.  Jesus gets there and just starts gunning down fools.  The best line is when Jesus gets there and says, there's something you don't know about me, I'm packing...HA.  They are about to leave when Jesus gets gunned down and dies.  Stan says, This is pretty fucked up right here.  Who can forget the other subplot of this episode?  Jimmy sings a song in front of the whole town.  He sings "12 Days of Christmas", with his stutter, takes hours, ha.

#13 Cancelled - Season 7
Episode starts off like a repeat, the kids realize everything is deja vu.  They realize Cartman needs to set off his anal probe.  He says the only way he'll allow it is if Kyle sticks his finger in his ass.  Cartman farts about ten times before he finally just sticks it in.  Aliens show up and abduct the gang.  They show up on the ship and are told that they are in a reality show called Earth.  The alien that tells them, can change into different forms.  The kids decide he should be a taco that craps ice cream.  The shows premise is to put different species all together, like Asians, bears, ducks, Jews, deer, and Hispanics.  When the locals are told that their existence is just one big reality show they all get pumped yelling, WE'RE ON TV!!  The aliens decide to cancel the show since it won't be good now that everyone knows.  The boys plead to the "Joozians" that the show should stay on.  The Joozians take the boys out and do cocaine, get a hooker, and suck each others jagons.  Since Kenny has a pic of this for blackmale, the Joozians decide to not destory Earth.

#12 Krazy Kripples - Season 7
Jimmy and Timmy decide to start their own group called the Crips.  They say it's for people who are cripped at birth, unlike stupid Christopher Reeve.  They hear that there is already a group called the Crips and they want to join them.  The rest of the kids say, I think we will just stay out of this one.  Jimmy and Timmy are told to pop some punk ass bloods to join the gang.  They go to get treats for them and cause a semi to wreck into a gas station and kill 13 bloods.  They are welcomed in and get glossed the names Four Legs and Roller.  After the bloods do a drive by on Jimmy's house, Jimmy sets up a lock-in at the Rec Center for the Bloods and Crips, and says, I mean cmon.  They all get along.  Best part is when the one Crip walks away with a strut/limp and Jimmy says, boy, these guys really are crippled.

#11 Towelie - Season 5
The kids play their new Okama Gamesphere all day, but every time they mention anything about water, a towel appears to tell them they should always keep a towel handy.  And then asks them if they want to get high.  The boys go to school and a man asks them if they have seen a talking towel.  They say yes and the man speeds away.  They realize their Gamesphere has been stolen and they are told to bring the towel to the gas station.  They do and an ambush occurs, the boys and Towelie escape.  There is a commercial of Towelie merchandise, ha.  Was that real?  I don't think I ever figured that out.  Tynacorp and the military keep trying to play the boys against the other, but the boys just don't care.  When they try to get into Tynacorp Towelie has to punch in the password.  He just keeps hitting buttons.  Is that it?  No, that's the melody to Funkytown, he says.  When they finally get their Gamesphere back, Cartman says to Towelie, You really are the worst character ever, ha.  Towelie's best quote was, I have no idea what's going on right now.  Another great part is where one of the Tynacorp guys is explaining Towelie.  He said if these towels go wrong, they could make you too dry. Do you know what it is like to feel way too dry?  Well I don't know, and I don't want to know.


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  1. It wasn't real, but I think you could go to the website at the time.

    If you download the bittorrent it's a part of that as well. Best line of the episode was the last: CARTMAN: Towelie, you're the worst character ever!
    TOWELIE: I know.