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Top 25 South Park Episodes of All Time

I was thinking the other day, let's do a list of something fun, something that would have a sweet top ten.  I was flipping through the channels and South Park was on.  Perfect.  I thought to myself, ok I'm going to write down my top ten favorite South Park episodes.  I had a few running through my head that I knew had to be included.  Hoping to jog my memory I went to wikipedia for an episode list.  Uh oh, way more than ten favorites.  I had to settle on 25 of the most memorable episodes of one of my favorite shows of all time.  One blog post would be too long so this first installment will just be 25 thru 16.  So, without further ado, here they are, with some funny moments and quotes from each.  Let me know what you think.  Enjoy. 


#25 Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub - Season 3
Ridiculous plot.  Everyone is at a meteor shower party getting smashed.  Stan and Kyle's dad are in the hot tub together and decide to get naked.  Stan is there with a bunch of melvins and makes them find him a way out of the house.  The cops almost blow up the place because they think they are a religious cult.  Pip saves the day by becoming a reporter and telling the cops that they are not a cult.

File:South Park Hot Tub.jpg

#24 Helen Keller - The Musical - Season 4
It's the "Thanksgiving Extravanganza" and the fourth graders have to make a play.  They try to come up with a great show because Butters keeps reporting how great the Kindergarteners play is.  The turkeys are shown a beautiful scene before they are beheaded.  Gobbles survives because his head drags on the ground.  The stuck up, actress turkey gets killed.  The song, water Hellen, water, is awesome.

#23 The Jeffersons - Season 8
Jokes on Michael Jackson in this one.  Cartman falls in love with him.  The part where they almost kiss is classic.  Blanket rips off Michael's nose.  The cops try to frame Michael Jackson but they realize he's white so they stop.  They only frame rich black people.

#22 Here Comes the Neighborhood - Season 5
Rich people move to South Park.  They are actually black people.  Kobe, Will Smith, Oprah, and others.  The locals try to get them leave.  They ridicule them by making them sit at the front of the bus because it's the first class section.  They burn lower case T's in the rich peoples yards which stands for: Time to Leave.  Mr. Garrison says, what are rich people scared of?  Ghosts.  So they run around the town with sheets over their heads which looks like the KKK.  Rich people eventually leave.

#21 You Got F'd in the A - Season 8
The gang gets served by some inner city kids.  They try to serve them back but Stan's dance to Achy Breaky Heart just doesn't quite get it done.  He creates his own group with a goth kid, a dancer from the arcade, and a Raisins employee.  They need a fifth dancer but Butters refuses.  Turns out Butters use to be a dancer and his shoe flew off and killed a bunch of people, so now he is against it. Instead they get Jeffy the Duck to join the crew but Jeffy sprains his ankle.  So Butters joins and it happens again.

#20 Imagination Land (All 3 Parts) - Season 11
Brilliant story.  Three episodes made up the story.  Good imaginery dreams against evil imaginery dreams.  Kyle almost has to suck Cartman's balls.  Too many jokes, too long to explain.

#19 Night of the Living Homeless - Season 11
Parody of Night of the Living Dead.  Instead of the people being zombies, they are homeless, and instead of them asking for brains, they want change.  They get stranded on the top of a building and run out of food except for Blueberry pop tarts, Randy won't eat blueberry pop tarts.  Gerald goes looking for the bus and he forgets his money, he starts asking for change, Randy claims Gerald has become one of them.  Cartman jumps homeless people on his skateboard.  The song "Super Cool to the Homeless" will never be forgotten.


#18 W.T.F -  Season 13
Parody of the WWE.  The kids make their own Federation.  The storylines are ridiculous but all the redneck locals totally believe it.  Kyle is Juggernaut, he says he always runs away from his problems and responsibilities, some redneck holds up a sign that reads: STOP RUNNING JUGGERNAUT.  The school wrestling coach tells everyone that this isn't wrestling, it's not real.  One of the rednecks tells him, there's a little girl out there that has had 14 abortions by the age of 7, are you telling me that's not real?  Ha, Cartman was the little girl, that was his character.

#17 Super Best Friends - Season 5
Jesus gets the Super Best Friends to gather to stop David Blaine.  The group includes Muhammad, Buddha, Moses, Joseph Smith, Krishna, Laozi, and Sea Man.  Cartman tries to get people to commit suicide by drowning themselves in a lake.  But the lake is only a foot deep.  David Blaine gets the Abraham Lincoln statue in DC to come alive.  The Best Friends stop him by creating a giant stone John Wilkes Booth to shoot Abe.  They keep making fun of Seaman by calling him semen.

#16 Ginger Kids - Season 9
Kids with red hair, pale skin, and freckles are called Ginger Kids.  They have no souls.  They taunt you at night.  Cartman makes fun of them and doesn't let them eat lunch in the lunchroom.  The gang gives Cartman a make over in the middle of the night and makes him a Ginger.  Cartman rallies the gingers and has them capture Stan and Kyle.  While Cartman is giving a rally speech to the gingers, a guy walks in and asks if they are doing good.  Do you kids need more lava?  Thanks for staying at the Airport Hilton, ha.  Cartman is told he isn't really a ginger, he calls off the rally.


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