Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I think it's safe to say that Homer Bailey has the best stuff on this Reds team.  His fastball is explosive, his slider snaps at the end and his splitter just falls off the table.  When he keeps the ball down and hits his spots he is unhittable.  Tonight, everything was working and he was indeed, unhittable.  I only got to watch the first three innings and then a couple hitters in the ninth, but I think I got to see enough.  Giants hitters had no chance.  This outing reminded me of Game 3 of the playoffs last year where Homer only gave up one hit to this same team in 7 innings. 

Pirates and Cardinals both go down so the Reds gain a game on both.  Suddenly it feels like this team is going to turn the corner and go on a streak.  This is the reason why I love baseball, you have a game everyday, so no matter how bad or good it seems at the time, only two days later the season could have a whole different feel.  Where will the Reds be at the end of this homestand?  I think they'll be feeling good.  Need to take three of the next five at least, preferably four of the next five. 

Cingrani on the hill Wednesday night, we'll be in attendance.  Last year my wife and I received free pizza in 12 of our 25 games, this year, 0 for 5.  Can't ask for a better opportunity than tomorrow night with Cingrani on the mound and this pathetic Giants offense.  We'll see I guess.  Oh, and fireworks night, sweet.


Glad to see the PGA enforcing the ban of the anchored putter.  It just isn't legal, and it shouldn't be.  The club is meant to be swung by the player, not anchored against their body.  Holding a putter and swinging it under immense pressure is super hard.  If you can lean it against your body it takes some pressure away and keeps you from shaking when nervous.  To me, it's just not fair.  Looks like most players agree, but some don't.  I think the PGA made a good decision to not enforce this for a few years, let these other guys ween themselves off of this fad. 

Softball team lost tonight.  Came back from a 7-0 deficit, but gave up two in the last and lost via the walkoff.  2-1 on the session.  We'll get this team again.

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