Monday, July 8, 2013

Reds Thoughts July 8

Some thoughts and observations from tonight's titanic struggle...

1. Brandon Phillips is so freaking slow.  How does he not score on that deep single by Bruce in the first?  He's stealing on the pitch, the ball lands in the gap, and he's not even close to scoring.  If Mesoraco and Leake are starting, I bet you Phillips would finish dead last in a team sprint.  I feel very confident in that bet.

2. Frazier has become one of the easiest outs in baseball.  He showed it again by rolling over on a low and away pitch and grounding out to short, for the 100th time on the year.

3. Bad throw to second by Mesoraco, but Phillips has to do more than that.  He HAS to knock that down no matter what.

4. I'm pretty sure Logan Schafer's walkup song is Return of the Mack, sweet.

5. Choo is becoming mayor of Weakassgrounder City.

6. If I hear one more Reds announcer talk about how "professional" the Cardinals hitters are I think I'm going to vomit.

7. Great catch by Heisey in left tonight.  He's starting to look healthy.  I think he'll play well because he has to play with a sense of urgency.  He knows he lost a good opportunity to earn a starting spot, and he he needs to do something or he'll never get another chance again, not with the Reds.

8. Mesoraco really gutting it out tonight.  If you've ever had back spasms, you know how much it would suck to be him right now.

9. Another brain lapse by Votto tonight.  How in the world do you cut that ball off by Bruce?  If Schafer doesn't stop, Votto looks like a complete idiot right now.  Wouldn't be the first time this year.

10. The Reds are in trouble people.  I'm not in panic mode just yet, but I'm about to push the button.  If they put together a 2-5 road trip here, lookout.

Sorry to be so negative tonight, but there just weren't many positives.

Til next time...


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