Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today's Topics and More....2/20

Just some thoughts on today's topics and outcomes....

1. I'm all for Votto playing for Canada in the WBC.  If he wants to compete for his team and hit in some meaningful spots in the spring, that's fine by me.  It's not like he'll be doing anything different as far as working out and getting into shape.  I'm sure the guy knows his body and if he wants to slide hard into second in the WBC or a Cactus League game, then that's up to him and I for one trust him.  Then again, I'm not paying him 250 million dollars.

2.  As for Cueto, I think the Reds are doing the right thing by not letting him play for the Dominican.  To me pitchers need to just go through the motions in spring, work on their pitches, work on location, all that good stuff.  I know that in the WBC the starters still only through five innings and don't over do it, but you can't deny that they'll be pitching in some big spots and might try to overthrow.  Again, I'm sure Cueto knows his body and won't overdue it, but why even give him the chance?  Just better to go through a regular spring like normal and stay on track for Opening Day.

3. This NBA Trade Machine thing they got going on ESPN right now is hilarious.  I mean it's pretty cool how it works, but we all know that none of these trades are actually going to go down.  None of these big names are going anywhere, and if they do, they won't be the trades that these talking heads are proposing.  I use to think fake trades were cool, then I realized that they came true about 0.01% of the time and I lost all interest.

4. What is up with the weather on the PGA Tour this year?  Three missed days due to high winds in Hawaii. One lost day in Cali due to fog, and now the Match Play Event was suspended due to snow and ice, IN ARIZONA!!!!  What's next?  Hurricane at the Zurich in New Orleans??  Wait, that could actually happen.

5.  Heard Mitch Kupchak say today on ESPN that Dwight Howard is the Lakers future and he is not going anywhere.  Big mistake if you ask me.  He has to be my least favorite Laker of all time.  Dude gives no effort, isn't a good teammate, can't shoot, hasn't developed a post move in 8 years.  I mean what has he done except win the genetics lottery and get paid a shit load of money?

6.  Temple lost to Duquesne at home.  I still can't get over that.

7.  Bobcats nailed down win #20 today.  Huge two games ahead of them now.  At Belmont Saturday night on ESPN and home vs. undefeated Akron on Wednesday.  Can't imagine how intoxicated I would be at that Akron game if I were still in school.  Damn, that was 9 years ago now.

8.  Kentucky beats Vandy, quick, everyone jump on their nuts and say they are rounding into form.  Give me a break.

9.  RAHIM MOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10.  I do believe the Lakers will make the playoffs.  Sure would be cool if they made it as a 7 seed and had to play the Clips in Round 1.  Even though they would get killed.

11.  Biggest game of the season for the Owls Thursday night.  Big 5 rivalry game at home against LaSalle.  Possible bubble spot on the line.  Big 5 title on the line.  Respect on the line.  I expect a one point victory.  Why not, they've played five straight one point games for God's sakes.

12.  Watching Kyrie Irving right now, dude is ridiculous.  Maybe Top 5 player in the NBA at this moment.

Any thoughts?  Would love to hear 'em.  Hopefully we'll get some NCAA Eliminations tomorrow.


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