Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Predictions Revisited

With half of the conference season in the books, we revisit our picks and make changes if needed.  Guest blogger Jeremy Fiser is back with his take on a few of the major conferences.  We also make our Final Four predictions if the season ended today.  Enjoy.
(Note: Jeremy's picks were sent in on Sunday, I did mine on Wednesday night.)


Big Ten:
Previous Pick - Indiana
Current Pick - Indiana
I purposely waited until after the IU v Michigan game to update this prediction because I just didn't know how they would match up. And even though Indiana won, its still really close - put them on a neutral court and I don't know who wins. I think these are not only the best two teams in the Big Ten, but probably the best two teams in the nation. I still give IU the edge on winning the Big Ten regular season. There is a chance the regular season crown gets settled during the last game of the regular season when IU v Michigan rematch - which will have major implications on not only the Big Ten, but the seeding for the Big Dance (there is a regional in Indy this year which both teams, especially IU, would love to play at). Illinois and Minnesota have dropped off significantly. Ohio State and Michigan State have potential to sneak up to the top line, and Wisconsin can still present some challenges - but until further notice, its a race between IU and Michigan. We will know more about the Buckeyes by next week - they play at Michigan and vs Indiana back to back. I dont think they are balanced enough to take down IU and I think Michigan will be hungry and bounce back at home Tuesday night.
Previous Pick: Duke
Current Pick: Duke
Indiana State must be feeling pretty good right now - they are the last team to have beaten the red hot Miami Hurricanes. After smoking Duke (the team that I previously said would walk through the ACC - whoops), the U racked up another big win yesterday by buzzer beating NC State. The Dukies now sit with two losses in the ACC and play NC State again later this week - though NC State has had a tough go in the conference and now sits with four losses. However, I think Miami will drop a couple of close games between now and the end of the year and Duke will come out on top of the conference.
Big East:
Previous Pick: Louisville
Current Pick: Marquette
It doesnt seem like anyone wants to win this conference. Louisville was supposed to be better after Gorgui Dieng returned and their low post play was supposed to be bolstered - but they have instead dropped 3 of their last 4 and only beat Pitt by 3. Marquette sits with only one loss and only has to play Cuse and the Ville once a piece this year. I still dont think Marquette has any real impressive victories this year and hasnt been overly challenged yet - would have been nice to see them play Ohio State on the aircraft carrier - thanks Mother Nature. They got smoked by Florida and loss to Green Bay (?!?). But no one else in the Big East seems to want to step up to the top why not Marquette.
Big 12:
Pick: Kansas
Sure they got knocked off by an ok Oklahoma State. But Kansas will bounce back, will win the Big 12, and will get a number one seed by the end of the year.
Final Four Picks:
1. Indiana
2. Michigan
3. Kansas
4. Florida
Previous Pick: Michigan
Current Pick: Michigan
Well, I agree with everything you said.  Michigan and Indiana are probably the two best teams in the nation.   Indiana has a one game lead in the conference and is probably the best team.  However, they still have to go to Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Minnesota.  I think they lose two of those, giving them three losses at least.  Michigan only has at Michigan State as far as ranked teams.  So I'll still give Michigan the nod.  And I already watched the game against Ohio State.  Great game.  Why was Craft shooting at the end?  Why does he put his hands on the offensive player and body him up the whole game and then complain when he gets a foul called on him?  I feel like we were all robbed by him not going to Duke.  He would be a perfect point guard for Coach K.  Flopping, getting away with holding, everything, he missed his calling.  Oh, and I'm going to gloat once here.  I was telling everyone that would listen that Illinois would collapse.  They suck.  Groce made a big mistake leaving Athens a year early.
Previous Pick: Duke
Current Pick: Miami
I'm switching my pick on this one.  I don't believe in Duke anymore.  The Ryan Kelly injury is huge, and Curry is just one misstep away from being hurt again.  When they aren't hitting threes, they really struggle.  Miami only has to play one tough road game the rest of the way.  So if they lose that game to Duke and drop one more game they'll only have two losses.  I would put money on Duke losing at least one game which means Miami should win the conference.  UNC looks like they may make the tournament.  Watch them play once, really tough to watch, like a pickup team with no direction at all, weird.
Previous Pick: Syracuse
Current Pick: Syracuse
I'll stick with the Cuse here.  I've watched these three teams play and they just seem to have the most talent.  They can't put it all together for some reason but they have better basketball players.  I don't know what Louisville's deal is.  They just don't score enough if you ask me.  And Marquette, ewww, I don't like them at all.  They'll be a one and done in the tourney.  A sleeper is Georgetown, they have some big games left, if they get hot, you never know.  Remember when USF made a huge run last year and beat Temple in the first round?  Errr, second round?  1-9, what the hell?
Pick: Kansas
I don't like Kansas at all.  I've watched them almost lose at home to Iowa State and Temple.  They still have to go to OK State, Iowa State, and Baylor.  They will still win this conference because I don't believe in any other team here.  But Kansas will not end up with a 1 seed, no way, no how.  Plus, I have the advantage of sitting here tonight watching them get worked by 0-8 TCU.  They might still win, but how does that happen?
1. Michigan
2. Indiana
3. Florida
4. Creighton

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