Sunday, February 24, 2013

If the A10 Tourney Started Today..... (2/25)

Here we are four days from March, two weeks from the end of the A10 Regular Season.  Some teams have three league games remaining, while others have four game still on their slate.  Here is what the A10 Tournament,  being held in Brooklyn, would look like if the tourney started today.  Also, we'll look at some big games remaining in the next two weeks.


1. St. Louis (10-2) (Play the winner of the 8 and 9 seed matchup.)
Billikens have won nine in a row.  None of their final four games are gimmies, but odds are they'll end up keeping this top seed when the tournament starts.

2. Virginia Commonwealth (10-3) (Play the winner of the 7 and 10 seed matchup.)
They are about right where everyone thought they would be before the season started.  Two of their three remaining games are tough.  They may not end up with the two seed, but they will end up with a first round bye.

3. LaSalle (9-4) (Play the winner of the 6 and 11 seed matchup.)
LaSalle is the surprise of the conference this year for the national audience.  For people that watch the A10, you could have seen this coming.  They have two easy W's and one tough game left.  Should be able to hold onto a first round bye.  If the seeds were to stay the same, they could be playing Temple in their first game.  Not sure they would want that.

4. Butler (9-4) (Play the winner of the 5 and 12 seed matchup.)
Two tough roadies coming up for Butler.  I think they will find themselves playing a first round game when it is all said and done.


5. Xavier (8-5) vs. 12. St. Bonaventure (6-7)  (Winner would play Butler.)
Xavier beat the Bonnies in Olean early in the season by two points.  If this matchup were to happen again, you would have to lean towards the Musketeers but the Bonnies are much impoved from earlier in the year.  I believe when the season is over the Bonnies will end up with a better seed than a 12.

6. Temple (8-5) vs. 11. Charlotte (6-6)  (Winner would play LaSalle.)
Temple has beat Charlotte twice and by 20 this last meeting on Sunday.  This is a matchup I don't think the Niners would want.  Temple has turned it around and has a first round bye in their sights.  Charlotte on the other hand better win their next one vs. Dayton or they might not be making a trip to Brooklyn. 

7. UMASS (7-6) vs. 10. George Washington (6-6)  (Winner would play Virginia Commonwealth.)
Minutemen have lost three of four and could very easily lose their last three games.  They will probably be an away team in the first round.  GW has a couple really toughies left also.  Like Charlotte, they better not be making Brooklyn plans just yet.

8. St. Joseph's (6-6) vs. 9. Richmond (6-6)  (Winner would play St. Louis.)
Hawks are probably the biggest disappointment of this season.  They were preseason favorites, and are clearly not living up to that. Looking at the schedule coming up, I could see this matchup being exactly this.


13. Dayton (4-8)
All four remaining games are against teams with six wins.  So if they want to make the tourney, it is right in front of them.  Two at home and two on the road.  Personally, I think they take three and sneak in.

14. Rhode Island (3-10)
Technically still have a chance, but let's not kid ourselves, the Rams are going home.

15. Fordham (2-11)
Mathematically already eliminated.  They are use to it.

16. Duquesne (1-12)
Also eliminated.  The lone win came on the road at Temple.  Seriously.


3/2 Butler at VCU
Huge game.  Butler losing could keep them from a first round bye.  VCU win keeps them alive for the top seed.

3/6 St. Louis at Xavier
Xavier is a very good home team.  Muskies are looking to nail down a first round bye.  Billikens looking to hold onto the top seed.

3/9 LaSalle at St. Louis
LaSalle actually has a shot at the title if they were to win out and St. Louis loses at Xavier.  Either way, this will be a great matchup.

3/9 Xavier at Butler
Depending on what happens up until this game, this could be for a first round bye.  Xavier already pasted Butler earlier in the year.

3/10 VCU at Temple
VCU may need this for the top seed.  Temple may need this for a first round bye.  Nice matchup.

These next two weeks will be exciting and the tourney will be a great, must-see, event this year.  Looking forward to it.  Anyone have any thoughts or comments on what you think the seeds will end up being?  Or maybe a little nugget you want to share.  Please feel free to drop a note.  Thanks for reading.


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