Thursday, February 28, 2013

Temple 83 Detroit 78, Some Thoughts....

I really really doubt that any team has had a more insane last five weeks then the Temple Owls.  This is just getting ridiculous.  Just once, I want to have a nice night enjoying an Owls game without getting pissed off or screaming at the tv, just once.  But no, it doesn't happen, ever.  I know Detroit is a good team, so I'm not saying this should have been an easy win.  But the way Temple has played the last couple games, and this being Detroit's third game in five days, this game had the makings of a Temple romp.  Ha, not even close.  Anyway, here are some thoughts on tonight's game and this Temple team.

- What are the Owls going to do without Wyatt next year?  I think they'll be able to replace his scoring for the most part, guys will step up.  The big void will be the late game situations, who is going to step and take the big shots and take control of the game?  I'm sure someone will try to be that guy, but man, what a huge loss he is going to be.  No matter how bleak it gets, I never think they are out of it as long as Wyatt is on the court.  Dude is amazing right now.

- Scootie is just oozing with confidence right now, hopefully he continues to stay hot for four more weeks.

- O'Brien just scores and scores and scores.  And I tell you what, his defense is definitely improving.  He's not going to wow anyone on that end, but he gets the job done, and he plays aggressively, unlike Lee.  But can Jake make some free throws?  He looks so uncomfortable shooting those.

- I think Cummings has a lot of game, and he'll be a big part of this team next year.  Lee has a lot of talent and will also be a big part of the team.  But right now, the late game lineup of Wyatt, Randall, DiLeo, Jefferson, and O'Brien is the best team we can put on the floor.  Shooters, defense, rebounding, it's the best lineup, need to go to it more often.

- 20-8 with nine wins over the Top 100 RPI and four of those coming on a road or neutral court.  Barring a collapse, this team is going to the dance, can't see it not happening.

- I was thinking, in my 20 years of being a Temple fan, I can't think of a time that Temple was ever really "on the bubble" on Selection Sunday.  They have either been squarely in, or definitely out.  Anyone think of a year where they were sweating it on Selection Sunday?  I can't.

- Detroit has a nice team.  Overall I didn't think Temple played poorly, they just played a tough team.

- Hooter's birthday is Saturday.  Hope everyone enjoys the cake.

- Really good chance that VCU game will be for a first round bye in the A10 tourney.  Better be a sellout.

- Favorite Temple players of all time in no particular order: Eddie Jones, Lynn Greer, Dionte Christmas, Quincy Wadley, Pepe Sanchez.  Yours?

What do you all think will happen the rest of the season?

Thanks for reading.


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