Thursday, February 21, 2013

Temple 82 LaSalle 74

Wow, what a showing by the Owls.  These kind of games get me pumped up for this team, but at the same time they make those Duquesne and St. Bonaventure losses sting even more.  Stick to the positives right?  Well, 18-8, 7-5 in the A10.  Not where we expected to be, but I'll take it for now.  Some thoughts on tonight's game and this team as a whole.  Enjoy.

Rahlir Hollis-Jefferson will never in his life forget this game, no way.  23 points, 18 rebounds, 7 offensive, 5 assists, and at least five made jumpers, I mean are you freaking kidding me?  This guy takes a lot of grief from the Owls fans, and I always say he doesn't deserve it.  Rahlir is what he is, he's a defender and garbage scorer with a good basketball IQ.  If you expect him to do those things, you like the guy.  If you expect him to be a scorer and make plays, then you are going to be disappointed.  So basically, how you feel about Rahlir really just depends on what you expect from him.  I love his game for this team, this season.

As long as Wyatt is on this team the Temple Owls will always have a chance.  You can't even put into words what he does for this team.  I'm not even going to talk about it since we all know.  He's going to carry this team places this year, I feel it.

Anthony Lee finally ascerted himself early tonight.  When he is down low making plays, this team has a lot more confidence.  He's been in foul trouble a lot recently, need to get that under control.

Cummings is running the team a little better, he's rounding into form.  He's still young let's remember.

I thought Temple was in trouble early in this game when they missed at least four layups, and five three throws during a five minute stretch.  Then LaSalle couldn't make a shot for 8 minutes, so that made up for it.

Ok, I'm pretty sure I said I saw this coming.  I had a feeling that after Pepper had that one good game, he would think he was the man, and I think I was right on that one.  He shot four times in like a three minute span.  And I'm pretty sure no one watching thought that any of them were going to go in.  No your role bud.  Play D, and rebound.

There was a two possession span in that second half where LaSalle made a run and Wyatt never once touched the ball.  I watched him though and he just walked around under the basket and never actually came to get it.  I know he is probably tired and he trusts the rest of the team, but they need a bucket, he needs to come get it and make the play.  A few possessions later he scored a couple in a row, so he obviously did the right thing, but I feel like he took a few trips to long to get the game back under control.

Does Dunphy get any credit for this win?  Or do we only give him shit when they lose and no credit when they win?

Jake O'Brien is fun to watch, every time he shoots I think it is going in.

Glad to see the student section full and hyped.  I can't believe how pathetic Temple's home schedule has been this year, I don't even blame the kids.  The A10 really gave the Owls the big FU on that one.  Hopefully the students come to the next three games and support this team.

Can't believe that win only moved the Owls up 2 spots in the RPI, oh well, wins take care of that.

For what it's worth, 8 teams ahead of Temple have less than 7 wins against the RPI top 100. (Temple has 7.)

How pumped was Scootie when Rahlir was drilling those jumpers?  People rip on Scootie, but he is this teams leader.

I was thinking, could you honestly say any player on Temple is struggling right now?  I think they all are playing at a high level, hopefully they are on a ten game run right now, we can only hope.

Freshman didn't get any minutes, and I'm still ok with that.

Please don't lay an egg on Sunday, please.

Anyone have any agreements or disagreements?  Would love to hear them.  I don't live in Philly so I don't hear any local radio or tv chatter.  All I get is my own thoughts and a few articles on ESPN.

Thanks for reading.


Rahlit Hollis-Jefferson


  1. Great game by Temple last night. Cummings kind of sucks though and I worry what's gonna happen to the team next year without Wyatt.
    So we really gotta make a run for the big tourney with these final games - it could be our last chance for a while.

  2. I don't think Cummings sucks, he just isn't a scorer, which is fine. We need to find a scorer for next year. I hear good things abou QDC and Dingle, maybe they step up and score ten a game along with Lee and Pepper. And Josh Brown could stop in and play well, and if they get Rysheed....