Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reds Myths Debunked

Last night was a debacle, end of story, let's move on.  Still a chance to win the series with two good games.  As in every walk of life, there are some things that people just believe because everyone talks about it and no one takes a minute to think if it's true or not. We call these myths.  Here are a few myths about this Reds team that to me, just aren't true at all.  I've probably wrote about these before, but here they are again.

You hear it all the time, "Very tough play by the infielder, especially with a fast runner like Phillips getting down the line", and every time it makes me cringe.  Phillips has to be the slowest black guy in Reds history.  If Mesoraco was starting and the starting eight position players had a race, I am very confident that Phillips would finish last.  He hits some of those weak hoppers that a guy like Stubbs would beat out by three steps, yet he is out by three steps, it's comical.  So yeah, next time you hear an announcer say he's fast, it's ok to laugh and point it out to your friends.

We keep hearing that the Reds can't keep Choo.  They can't afford him.  Well, that's not entirely true, there is definitely a way they can keep him.  Phillips and Votto will be getting a lot of money for a while, but guys like Marshall, Broxton, Chapman, Ludwick, and Cueto will be free agents in the next 2 to 3 years.  If you give Choo a long term contract, say 6 years, you can move that money to the end of the deal to make it easier the next few years.  You say, what about Bailey and Latos then?  Look, Bailey and Latos are in the top five of my favorite players on the team, but I really feel that one of them will be moved.  We just won't be able to afford them, especially if they sign Choo.  If the Reds wanted to trade Bailey for some prospects, they could get some good pieces.  They could put in Cingrani for almost nothing for three years, and then you have Stephenson that won't need to be paid for another five years.  Plus, you could go with Robinson or Paul in left, they won't demand high dollars, and maybe you get a good LF in the trade for Bailey.  I want to keep all of our studs, but a team like Cincinnati doesn't have that luxury.  Oh, and obviously signing Choo would mean the end of Hamilton, but you could trade him for a few prospects, maybe reload the bullpen and not pay Marshall and Broxton type money.  In the end, there is definitely a way to keep Choo, so saying he is gone for sure, is totally a myth.

You hear people say the Reds might keep Arroyo.  I like the guy, but sorry, that's not happening.  He already said he wants a three year deal, and as I mentioned before, with having to pay Latos and/or Bailey they won't be able to give him 12 million a year for three years.  Plus, you can stick Cingrani in there nothing, or try out Chapman who is already on the books.  Just don't see a way at all that Arroyo will be a Red next year.

The Cozart is Awful group is killing me this year.  Is he having a low productive year?  Yeah.  But he is not awful.  Back in the day, guys like Ozzie Smith, Walt Weiss, Jeff Blauser, etc., weren't great hitters, they were good defensive players up the middle that hit a little bit.  Cozart is on pace for a .240 average, 12 homers, and 50 RBI's.  There is nothing wrong with that when you have Choo, Phillips, Bruce, and Votto on your team.  Was he more exposed in the two hole?  Absolutely, but that's not his fault.  Cozart is still the future, don't let people tell you he's not.  He'll be fine.

Todd Frazier is the Reds third baseman of the future.  Man, I sure hope not.  Unless he just needs some new contacts or something.  He's 27 and has zero clue how to hit a curveball.  He knows this now so he is just lunging to make contact and as a result is an automatic double play with a runner on first.  He can hit the fastball, and can hit it deep.  But sooner or later, he won't ever see a fastball, what would be the point if you are an opposing pitcher?  If Latos or Bailey is traded, we better get a third baseman in the deal, because right now, the Reds future at that position isn't on the team.

The myth that seems like the biggest lightning rod these days is the one and only, pitch count.  Personally, I wish they would just take that stat off of the tv, it drives me crazy.  How on earth did pitchers survive the first 100 years without ever working on a pitch count?  You don't need to lose your mind when Dusty runs a pitcher back out there with 105 pitches in the 8th when he's struck out 10, it's going to be ok.  Would you rather have Simon come in and take out Bailey who is dominating?  Really, just because he has thrown 100 pitches?  If Dusty asks Homer, or anyone, if they still feel strong, then that's good enough for me.  How do people at home or in the stands know how the pitcher feels?  I understand that you can waste a guys arm by throwing him nine innings every start, I'm not an idiot.  But if a guy is at 109, I'm pretty sure number 110 isn't going to tear his elbow and end his career.  Calm down, it's going to be ok, these guys are pitchers, they do it for a living, they can handle ten more pitches.

Ok, had to get those off my chest.  I know everyone watches games with other people and you discuss these things, so tell me if you agree or not, or what the general vibe is in your group of friends.  I'll be at the game tonight, hopefully it's a win.  Thanks for reading.



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