Thursday, August 29, 2013

Magic Numbers

Some important magic numbers in the NL with 30 games or less to go for all teams...

Cardinals  (29)
With 29 wins the team from St. Louis can clinch the NL Central.  Oddly, that would be their first Central title since 2009.  They won't win 29, but odds are, they'll win the division.

Reds  (24)
Cincinnati needs 24 wins from here on out to guarantee a Wild Card spot.  That is not the goal this season, but getting to the playoffs is the only way you can win the World Series.  If the Reds go .500 the rest of the way (14-14), the Diamondbacks would have to go 21-9 to tie them.  The odds of the Reds making it are really good.

Braves (27)
27 wins for the Braves to clinch home field throughout the NL playoffs.  They have been hot, but injuries are starting to mount, it'll be interesting to see if they get to that one spot.

Dodgers (21)
Only 21 wins are needed by the Dodgers to win the NL West.  If they only went 14-15 in their last 29 games, the Diamondbacks would still have to go 24-6 just to catch them.  That's not happening.

Pirates (5)
The pathetic team from Pittsburgh still needs five wins to avoid their 22nd losing season in a row.  Can they do it?  Or will we see the most epic collapse of all time?  If any team can do it, they can.


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