Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday Recap

We had five ranked teams go down Saturday, including number one Syracuse.  Tough loss for them since they were without their seven footer Fab Melo.  They are saying it is academic but wouldn't expand on that.  It'll be interesting to see how long he is out.  This could be a major hit for them. 

Murray State remained unbeaten, and is now the only unbeaten team left.  No one directly in front of them lost however so I doubt they'll move up in the standings.  I can't wait until they are number one, it's going to be so funny.  You know how the voters work, if someone in front of you loses, you move up.  So when all these teams from big conferences keep losing and Murray State keeps winning, I wonder how far they move up.  5, 4, 3?  They aren't a top five team, but that's not what the rankings will say.  Oh well, unlike that college football, rankings don't matter one bit.

How great was that Duke loss?  Im sorry, but Austin Rivers is the best player on the other team every night.  I'm not stupid, I see the guys skills, he's going to be a good one someday, but right now, he is out of control and takes some awful shots.  It seems like when the other team is on a run, he tries to do it himself and just ends up giving the ball back to the opponent to make the run worse.  Coach K has to be so frustrated with that.

Back to Syracuse real quick.  I watched the whole second half of that game, and their players are real whiners.  Granted they were undefeated and I'm sure it's tough to take your first loss, but own your mistakes sometimes.  A few times they took ill advised shots, dribbled the ball off their own feet, fouled guys at midcourt, and every time they turn to the ref and make it a huge deal.  Hey, if you didn't screw up, the refs wouldn't have to make the call.  It's not always their fault, grow up a little.

Ohio Bobcats pull out a huge win.  It was only huge because you can't lose at home on Gary Trent Day, on Dad's Weekend, to a 5-11 rival.  Well, that's what almost happened.  They were down as many as 12 in the game and 8 in the second half.  They pulled it out though to right the ship at 3-2 in league.  Now I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I don't think it is too far-fetched.  The Bobcats are going to win their next seven in a row and be sitting at 21-4 and 10-2 in the MAC.  They have four of those at home, and the three roadies are against Northern Illinois, Toledo, and Eastern.  Only Ball State at home is against a team with a winning record.  Yeah, I know, the Bobcats always let us down, but I believe they'll handle this.

A little A10 wrap.  Obviously, huge win by Dayton.  They are a team to be reckoned with, but before we get ahead of ourselves, as we all know, they usually take care of business at home, let's see how they do in a few big road games before we get too excited.  As it is though, they are first in the A10 after three weeks, so good for them.  Xavier now has too losses and still needs to travel to Temple and St. Louis, this may be the year they don't win the A10.  Nice win by Temple over Maryland.  2-0 against the ACC this year.  Surprise team in the league this year might be UMASS.  They haven't won any big games so far, but winning at Richmond isn't an easy thing to do.  I have my eye on them.  Right now, Dayton, UMASS, Xavier, and St. Louis would have the byes in the tourney.  Fordham and Rhode Island would be out.

The Owls again come away with a good resume win.  To me though, they won't be a team that can win consistently until they cut down on stupid turnovers and out of control drives.  They go as their guards go, it's totally obvious, but they need to play smarter.  But as dumb as they play at times, each guard is willing to take the big shot.  No matter what the score or situation, none of them shy away from the big moment.  That will be a big factor later in the year and tourney time.

Ok, let's watch some football today.


Pat Connaughton

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