Saturday, January 28, 2012

Curt and Jeremy Talk Hoops 1/28/12...

With less than 40 days left in the regular season, how do you see the Big 12 and the Big 10 shaping up?


Big Ten – Even after Indiana’s free fall from the top of the league, the conference still has 4 teams (Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin) that legitimately could win the conference.  I still like Ohio State – though 3 of their next 4 games are going to be tough.  How OSU plays at Wisconsin on Feb. 4th will say a lot about how their season will end out.

Big Twelve – I like Kansas.  Allen Fieldhouse can be an intimidating 6th man for any team, so they should keep rolling at home.  They travel to Baylor and Missouri coming up, which will present challenges, but those teams both have two league losses already, whereas Kansas is still unbeaten in league play.  As long as Kansas keeps winning at home, they can afford to lose one of those games.

First off I agree with you on the Big Ten.  I don’t think anyone has a chance except for those four teams you mentioned.  Indiana just isn’t a good team if you ask me.  They had some really good wins so they’ll be in the tourney and they are dangerous, but there is no way they are consistent enough to make any kind of noise in the conference.   As far as the team that is going to come out on top?  I really have no idea.  I went through a little exercise, wrote down how many wins I thought each of those four teams would end up with.  And somehow, I got 13 for each team, ha.  So the tiebreaker for me will be the team that has the whole package, and that is still Ohio State.  They have height, shooters, post play, quickness, etc.  The other teams are all missing something.  Wisconsin doesn’t have a go to play or any post presence.  Michigan has no post play.  Michigan State doesn’t seem to have a go to guard that every team needs to have.  This will be a great race until the end.

The Big 12 to me is a little more predictable.  I don’t see any team having a chance other than Kansas or Missouri.  Baylor is a good team but they also have really inconsistent play that won’t allow them to be in the hunt.  Now could Baylor make a run and get to the Final Four?  Yes, they have that kind of talent, just inconsistent.  Kansas obviously has the lead in the division, having not lost a game.  But I think Missouri and Kansas will tie.  I think Kansas loses today at Iowa State also.  Iowa State is an underrated team, I think them and Kansas State will battle Baylor for third place in the conference.  One team that doesn’t have a chance is Texas Tech, man they are bad, probably top five worst teams in any major conference.

Enjoy your Saturday games….

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