Wednesday, January 25, 2012

College Basketball Wrap 1/25...

Another great college basketball Wednesday.  Wacky day in the A10.  Big upsets in the top ten.  OU continues on their roll that should last a couple more weeks.  And ya, it's only January.

Let's start with Bobcats of Ohio University.  Tonight was win three in a row on the third of four straight home games.  Tough game this coming Saturday at home against Ball State, but after that are four games against really bad teams.  I said last week they would win eight in a row, and I still think they will.  But before we get too excited, they still aren't playing well.  Western Michigan isn't a good team, they were missing one of their best players, their best player got hurt in the first half, and they still had a chance down the stretch to beat an OU team at home.  Not good for the Bobcats.  Even worse is that I watched the game on ESPN3 and it was really dead there.  What else are the students doing on Wednesday night in January?  You should be at that game, no questions asked.  Anyway, 11AM Saturday, home, on ESPNU, watch it.

Like I said before, wacky day in the A10.  I would say there were some upsets, but it's hard to call games upsets this early in conference since we aren't totally sure how good each team is.  Is it an upset that Dayton lost on the road at St. Joe's?  If you look at the standings, yes.  If you think about where you thought these teams would be before the season started, then no.  Either way, it's the Dayton team we are use to, win a big game, lose a road game.  It's just what they do. 

Xavier loses at home to St. Louis.  I would call that an upset, but the way these teams are playing right now, it's not totally surprising. 

Temple hasn't won at Charlotte before.  So, I was a little worried about this game.  Well, they were up 33 at one point in the second half.  Charlotte didn't make a field goal until 9 minutes left in the game.  Temple finally got Michael Eric back on Saturday.  We are starting to see what he means to this team.  They are going to take off now, lookout.  And their wins versus Duke, Wichita State, Maryland, and at St. Louis are going to continue to boost their resume.  Oh, and 9-0 on weekdays this year, ha. 

St. Bonaventure pulled out a road win at Rhodey in OT.  Good thing they won that game because I was about to never take them seriously ever again if they lost to this awful Rhodey team. 

So after the dust settled tonight, the standings are tighter than you could even imagine.  Six teams tied in first with two losses.  Five teams next with three losses.  It's going to be a great race this year, even greater because Xavier shouldn't end up at the top. 

A few good games on Saturday.  St. Joes at Temple is the biggest.  Rivalry game.

Big upset in the Big12 today.  A weak Oklahoma State team took out #2 Missouri.  A definite courtstorming, and a deserving one.  It's amazing how college kids either get up for big games, or have such letdowns after their own big wins.  It just never ceases to amaze me. 

(Duke game pending)

And real quick, Ohio State.  Ya, another smashing by them, but pardon me for not getting too excited yet.  Sure, they beat Indiana last week, but look at their other conference wins.  Nebraska twice, Northwestern, Iowa, and Penn State.  They have Michigan, Michigan State, and Wisconsin twice the rest of the year.  Along with Illinois, and Purdue at home.  So we'll see how they do the rest of the year.  I said they were one of the top three teams in the nation though, so I'm not saying they aren't good.  I'm just saying I don't want to hear people gushing over them for beating teams that shouldn't even be on the floor with them.


Khalif Wyatt


  1. False. Xavier will still be in the mix come A-10 Tourney time. Nobody since Jameer Nelson/Delonte West's St. Joe team wins on the road consistently in the A-10. Saw a Tweet today from Schwade ( Asking if the A-10 will end up being a 1 bid conference come March. I doubt that, but if this keeps up I can't say we will have more then 2.

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  3. In the mix? Yes. But they still play at Temple, at St. Louis, and at UMASS. Add in a home game against Dayton and they should have at least five losses in conference. Five losses won't get it done.