Sunday, October 13, 2013

Teams Left After Week 7

Season is halfway over.  We have lost 105 teams in the title hunt.  21 teams still have at least a 0.1% chance at taking home the trophy.  Here are the teams that I still think have that chance...

Rankings from Sunday's AP Poll...

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Clemson
4. Ohio State
5. Florida State
6. LSU
7. Texas A&M
8. Louisville
10. Miami
11. South Carolina
12. Baylor
13. Stanford
14. Missouri
16. Texas Tech
17. Fresno State
19. Virginia Tech
24. Auburn
27. Nebraska
28. Michigan State
31. Oregon State

14 undefeated teams remain.  12 are above.  Northern Illinois and Houston are also undefeated but they don't have a prayer.

How are my National Title Hopefuls doing?

Oklahoma State (4-1) (21)
Off week in Week 7.  Home vs. TCU in Week 8.  Still have three ranked teams to play on the schedule.  If every team in front of them completely collapses, they have a shot.  So basically, they don't have a shot.

Stanford (5-1)
Horrible loss on Saturday to the Utes.  Kills their chances.  They aren't totally out of it however.  They still have UCLA, Oregon State, and Oregon in their next three games.  If they win all three of those, they'll be back in the Top 5 for sure.  So is it a longshot now?  Of course.  But they are definitely not out of it.

South Carolina (5-1)
Pasted Arkansas on Saturday.  The Cocks look really good.  At Tennessee this week which should be a beatdown.  The loss by Georgia really helps out SC.  If the Cocks win out and Georgia loses another game, the Cocks will win the SEC East and will probably see the Tide in the SEC Championship Game.  If that all happens and they beat the Tide, they would be in the title game.  So again, longshot?  Ya.  But definitely still a shot.

Clemson (6-0)
Trap game on Saturday and they almost fell into the trap.  But they survived and advanced.  Now it's the game of the week next week, home against #5 Florida State.  If the Tigers can take that game, they will solidify their spot as the number three team in the nation. 

Week 8 Big Games
#5 Florida State at #3 Clemson
Biggest ACC game in a long time.  Winner sets themselves up as a legit National Title contender.
#24 Auburn at #7 Texas A&M
Winner still has a shot at the title.  Auburn hasn't lost in conference yet.  If they were to run the table, you better believe they'd be in it.  A&M with a loss already to Bama is kind of in trouble.
#9 UCLA at #13 Stanford
Lost a little luster with Stanfords loss.  Winner still has a shot, loser is done.
#22 Florida at #14 Missouri
If Mizzou can take this game they will be a Top 10 team.  Going to be tough without their starting QB.

Any thoughts on the list of contenders?  Or do you want to tell me that my four teams have zero shots?  Let's hear it.  Thanks for reading.


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