Sunday, October 6, 2013

National Title Hopefuls after Week 6

Six weeks in the books.  By my calculations, out of the 126 teams in Division I football, we have 26 teams left with at least a 0.1% chance of hoisting the trophy at the end of the season.  Here are the teams...

In order based on today's AP Poll Rankings...

1 Alabama
2 Oregon
3 Clemson
4 Ohio State
5 Stanford
6 Florida State
7 Georgia
8 Louisville
9 Texas A&M
10 LSU
12 Oklahoma
13 Miami
14 South Carolina
15 Baylor
17 Florida
18 Michigan
20 Texas Tech
21 Fresno State
24 Virginia Tech
25 Missouri
26 Auburn
28 Nebraska
30 Michigan State
NR Houston
NR Oregon State

How did my four title hopefuls make out in Week 6?

Held off a weak Kansas State team.  They are still ranked 22nd but I don't even have them in my list above.  I can probably tear that ticket apart.  Home vs. TCU next week.

Handled a pretty bad Kentucky team until a garbage time comeback made it a close score at the end.  Still ranked 14th in the AP.  Three straight roadies coming up against Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri.  Should be able to win those.  One slip up will lead to a thrown away ticket.

Big win over #15 Washington.  At Utah next week and then a big one at home against #11 UCLA.  Really liking this pick.

Beat the snot out of Syracuse in the Carrier Dome.  Boston College next week and then a huge one at home against Florida State.  Liking this pick also.

Week 7 Big Games
#2 Oregon at #16 Washington - Huge National Title implications.
#25 Missouri at #7 Georgia - Loser is out of the National Title picture.
#17 Florida a #10 LSU - Same here, loser is out of the race.

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