Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dr. Brackets Second Edition

Mr. Mike Witte, aka Dr. Brackets has come out with his second edition of Bracketology.  He said that this is where the teams would be seeded as of today, with a little bit of future forecasting.  How it does both, I don't know, but whatever.  I won't add any insight on where I think the teams will finish up this go around.  Instead I'll write down the first player that comes to my mind for each of these schools.  Not looking at any Internet to help me out, so some may be blank, or wrong.  Let us know what you think on the rankings and players.  Enjoy.

Here is Dr. Brackets seeds.....

1. Duke, Kansas, Louisville, Indiana
Greg Paulus, probably the worst college basketball player I ever had to watch play, over and over.
Mario Chalmers hit that big shot, I liked him for awhile until he went to the Heat.
Francisco Garcia was solid.  Not from America I'm guessing.
Calbert Chaeney, dude could score.  And he played well on Blue Chips.

2. Syracuse, Michigan, Florida, Arizona
Devendorf, we yelled Devendork at him at the USF games, so clever.
Dugan Fife, the not Fab Five dude.
Teddy Dupay, he's friends with my friends cousin or something, so it's kind of like we knew him.
Jason Terry, rocked the long socks.

3. NC State, Gonzaga, Ohio State, Minnesota
Anthony Grundy, I think he played on that team that was like an 8 seed and took them to the ACC title game some year.
Dan Dickau, dude made shots without looking at the rim sometimes, had a smokin' hot girlfriend I remember.
Lawrence Funderburke, way underrated, just played during a down time in Columbus.
Voshon Leonard, didn't get the credit because Bobby Jackson was the man at the time.

4. Kansas State, Creighton, Michigan State, New Mexico
Beasley, could have went 30 and 20 every game if he wanted to, what happened to that dude?
Doug McDermott, my friend from high school is named Doug McDermitt, not as good at bball though.
Mateen Cleaves, probably my most hated college basketball player ever, overrated doesn't even begin to describe him.
Didn't Kenny Thomas go there?  He was cool.

5. Butler, Cincinnati, Missouri, Notre Dame
Gordon Hayward, always thought it was funny that he got drafted by Utah, of course he did.
Nick Van Exel, Nick the Quick, Nick at Night, Slick Nick.  Liked the Lakers when he was there.
Kareem Rush, dude was smooth, too small to make it in the NBA though.
Chris Thomas, what happened to that dude? 

6. Illinois, Temple, San Diego State, Oregon
Kiwane Garris use to dominate the Big Ten.
Lynn Greer, my favorite college basketball player of all time.
Kwami Leonard, ripped Temple's heart out a couple of years ago.
Aaron Brooks, short, quick, good shooter.

7. Memphis, Oklahoma State, Baylor, VCU
Penny Hardaway, when they were Memphis State, one man band when he was there.
Doug Gottlieb, dude averaged like ten assists, and shot under 50% from the line, ha.
Perry Jones III, cost himself a lot of money by not trying.
Ed Nixon, watched him played at the state semi's in Florida.

8. UNLV, Georgetown, Miami (FL), Wichita State
Stacy Augmon, Plastic Man, great nickname.
Allen Iverson, loved watching him play.
Jimmy Graham, made the right choice.
Can't think of anyone off the top of my head but I'm sure he's glad he was a Shocker.

9. Kentucky, Ole Miss, Iowa State, UCLA
Travis Ford, always remember when he duped the ref into thinking he got fouled so he could shoot free throws instead of a shitty player.
Damn, feel like I should know someone but I can't think of anyone, Dexter McCluster?
Marcus Fizer, another bust.
Toby Bailey, he was the man. 

10. UNC, Boise State, St. Louis, Wisconsin
Vince Carter, best dunker in the history of basketball.
No clue, they are good this year though.  Can't think of the dudes name that just beat Wyoming.
For whatever reason I'm drawing a blank right now, so Kwamain Mitchell, cut his dreads.
Devin Harris, use to just take over games. Dropped 40 on Temple once.

11. Oklahoma, Iowa, Colorado, Marquette
Hollis Price, what happened to him?
Rick Rickert, did he even play in the NBA?
Chauncy Billups, probably the best Buff in history.
Dwayne Wade, biggest bitch in the NBA.

12. Davidson, Florida State, Texas A&M, St. Mary's, Colorado State, Utah State
Steph Curry, doesn't have to worry about his brother being better, Seth sucks.
Bobby Sura, starred on the same team as Charlie Ward and Sam Cassell
Drawing another blank but the Middleton dude that got drafted last year was good when I watched.
Davendola, ugliest dude in basketball, and he's been there since the 90's.
Not sure, but they have had some good teams the last few years.
Damn, they had a good dude a couple of years ago when they beat Duke, but I can't remember.

13. Valparaiso, Bucknell, North Dakota State, Harvard
Bryce Drew, one of the most memorable shots in NCAA history.
Bison, no clue, where the hell is Bucknell anyway?
Have you ever met anyone from North Dakota?  Like honestly?
Ryan Fitzpatrick, did he play basketball?  Are you sure?  I bet you don't know that for sure.

14. Middle Tennessee State, Ohio, Eastern Kentucky, George Mason
My friend Bonnie went to school there, she didn't play basketball though.
Brandon Hunter, could have been really good, huge dude, couldn't shoot.
No idea.
Mike Morrison, went to school at Lakewood in St. Pete, my friend Jeff likes to text him like he knows him.

15. Long Beach State, Stephen. F Austin, Iona, UNC Asheville
Don't know, but I wore a LBSU hat for like three years, one of my favorite hats ever.
Was he a president?  Congressman?  Porn star?
Not sure, but I thought they had a dude that transferred from Arizona, I wanna say Machado or something.
Kenny Gregory, what was he 7'3" or something?

16. Weber State, Stony Brook, Mercer, Southern, Robert Morris, Norfolk State
Did they have Damian Lillard of the Blazers?  I think so.
Stony Brook?  Ricky Rubio
Mercer?  World B. Free
Southern?  Manute Bol
Robert Morris? Don't know, but they beat OU two years in a row now.
Norfolk?  Probably some dudes from the team that upset Mizzou last year.

Anyone care to help me out on some of these?  Thanks.




  1. Ole Miss - Chris Warren, he's a Senior this year. Only reason I know him is because of UD playing them twice and once with this kid as their alpha-dog. Scores in bunches.

    Wichita State - Xavier McDaniel, had like the best season ever one time in the 80's...

    Can't help you with North Dakota, but I honestly know a girl that hails from ND. Maybe it's South Dakota. Honestly who cares?

    That's what my brain can give you, I will be looking up the rest.

    As a Cavs fan loved the Bobby Sura and World B. Free additions.

    Steven F. Austin was something with Texas, like invented it maybe...? Austin, the capital is named after him. (that last part is a guess, but I bet it's right)

  2. Xavier McDaniel's numbers his Senior year as a Shocker - 27.4 and 15.0 boards!!!

    His freshmen year he played with Antoine Carr and Cliff Levingston

    The Shockers were put on probation shortly thereafter (insert SHOCKER! pun here... Sorry it's early, still having my coffee. I'm better than that.)

  3. X man, should have remembered him. Also, I watched Ole Miss last night, so I know Marshall Henderson now, he thinks he is Marshall Mathers.

    And I was wrong about Rick Rickert, he went to Minnesota. I meant Luke Recker, the dude that transferred from Indiana to Iowa.