Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anyone Understand This Team?

Just some bullet thoughts on tonight's game and this Owls team in general.  What in the hell are we watching?  Does anyone know?

- 52, 64, and 55 points in the last three games.  Need to score more points.  Sounds simple and lazy to say, but it's the truth.  This team needs to find a way to score more points, somehow, someway.

- Need to run more plays for Anthony Lee, but Anthony Lee can only turn to his right and use his left hand.  He made a move in the Xavier game where he turned to his right hand, and he literally paused for like two seconds because he had no idea what to do.  I like him as a player, but he needs to get more post moves.

- Rahlir.  Love this guys intangibles.  Hustles, plays smart D, rebounds.  On offensive he cuts, gets himself to open spots, but he CANNOT score.  If only we had a guy that did all the things Rahlir does and could shoot, he'd be first team all conference.  When Rahlir shoots a jumper, it's just like a turnover.  I hate saying that, but it's true.

- What was Pepper doing taking that three late in the game against GW?  Did he think it was going in?  Because I'm sure no one else did.

- Wyatt.  I've said the same thing a million times, I love how the guy wants to take the big shot, I appreciate that, someone has to be willing to do it.  But could you please take a normal shot?  Just once?  When Temple was down 10 and cut it to six, Wyatt did some step back, one footed, lean back three.  I mean cmon man, just shoot the damn ball, it's not that hard.  5-18 isn't going to cut it.  Neither is five points at Xavier.  If you are a POY contender, then show it when your team needs it, against not high profile teams. 

- He did hit some big shots tonight though.

- O'Brien, needs way more minutes.  I haven't noticed him as a defensive liability, so there is no reason he shouldn't be getting more minutes.

- When Wyatt isn't on the floor, Temple has zero players that can create their own shot.  Cummings could, but he doesn't want to shoot, which is fine.  So what do you do?  Can Fran draw up some shots to get layups?  I don't think he can.  It's just a passing game and whoever feels like taking the tough jumper, does, and it's usually Scootie.

- Speaking of Scootie.  I believe he'll come around.  He still plays good D and you can see that he has a good basketball IQ and tries to be a leader out there.  I think he got into his slump because like I said earlier, no one can create a shot and he has the balls to take shots.  It has hurt him, but I can't totally fault him for it.

- Under 25% again from three tonight, has to get better.

- Does this team not do something right on road trips?  What is with these slow starts?

- Was that not the worst officiated game you had ever seen?  When the game was over I yelled at the ref through the tv, I said, "Dude, why aren't you running off the court, you are going to get killed, get the hell out of there, please!"

- Where do you guys see this team at the end of the regular season?  I'm thinking Temple loses at least four conference games.  I mean I hope not, but how can you see them going better than 10-3 the rest of the way.  I could see them losing at Dayton, at Butler, at St. Joes, at Charlotte, at Umass, and maybe even home vs. VCU and LaSalle.  Again, I don't think they'll lose all of those, but I think I would take 12-4 right now.  Figure they beat Detroit and Penn and that's 24-7, I would take that for sure.

- The big debate is whether or not the freshman should get more time.  Look, when I watch these guys struggle, I wonder what the freshman could do if they were out there.  But the bottom line is, we haven't seen them play, we don't watch them in practice.  If Dunphy doesn't think they can help right now, then I trust him.  When Temple was down late against GW or Xavier, do you think throwing Dingle out there would have helped?  Do you really?  I doubt it.  So ya, maybe mix them in the game in a low pressure spot, like first half against the Bonnies or Fordham and see what they can do, but I for one am not begging for them to get a bunch of action.

- Quick summary here, I think Temple will be fine, but I have lowered my expectations a little bit.  This team is frustrating to watch, mostly because they can't score, but the reason why that is so frustrating is because we know they have the players.  So if and when this teams gets hot and gets rolling, I think they can do some damage.  Let's hope it's soon, some big games coming up in about ten days, starting at Butler. 

Anyone have any quick thoughts?  Love to hear them.  I'm out.


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  1. There isn't a game left on the schedule that I'm not at least a little worried about losing. Even the likes of Penn. There is just no scoring on this team. I'm tired of seeing 4 - 20 like nights from 3. They need to find another guy who can drive, get to the basket or dish it off when the help comes. I think Scootie and Cummings each did it once last night, Fran should tell them to drive more often. They have the talent.

    The refs were awful, mostly in our favor, in my opinion. I would say poor officiating really helped get TU the win, but since GW literally couldnt make a shot its hard to blame the refs.

    Go Owls