Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dead, Alive, or Zombie?!?!?!

Wednesday saw the most teams drop out of the race then any day so far.  15 teams no longer have the chance to win the title.  They were:

Coastal Carolina
High Point
Holy Cross
Eastern Kentucky
Santa Clara
Austin Peay
Rhode Island

That leaves us with a total of 54 teams out and 290 still left with a chance.  Here is the breakdown...

ALIVE             290
ZOMBIE            0
AUTO BID        0

DEAD               54

TOTAL           344

A possible 17 teams could lose out on Thursday.  And the deceased just keep coming.

Tourneys starting on Thursday and my predictions.

I'm going to go with Vermont here.  They have split with the one seed Stony Brook this year but the time they beat them they ran them off the floor.  Also, Vermont lost to Binghamton last week and this will only get them more focused in the tourney.

I'll go with Robert Morris in this one.  Only because I watched them win at Ohio this year and they seemed to have a team of players that aren't scared to take the big shot.  They also beat the number one seed Long Island this year, so they know they can beat anyone.

Wichita State in a runaway.  They only team close to them is Creighton and from what I saw in their last matchup, they aren't even close to them.  I'd be shocked, if they didn't win this tourney.  Shocked I tell ya.

Went to the Marquette at UC game tonight.  UC played hard, they outrebounded Marquette and beat them to every loose ball.  I don't think UC is that great of a team, but I don't want my favorite team to play them in the tourney, that's for sure.

Til tomorrow....


Rhode Island guard Billy Baron (20) drives against Xavier guard Dee Davis in the second half of an NCAA college basketball game Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012, in Cincinnati. Baron led Rhode Island with 22 points. Xavier won 84-66. (AP Photo/Al Behrman)

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  1. Thanks for the URI pic Curt. It was a tough year for little Billy Baron and the Rams! Maybe next year...